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Spider-Man PS4 Director On Critical Reception, Single-Player Development

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Following Spider-Man’s blockbuster release on PS4, we sit down with creative director Bryan Intihar to discuss the game’s reception, the state of Sony’s first-party titles, and the future of single-player development.

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  1. Is it just me or does Harry Osborn kind of look like Dave Franco?

  2. game was pure gold, music score was awesome and overall they didnt shy away from bringing the big villains on screen. hope the dlc lives up to greatness of the main game or the sequal i know will come is just as good

  3. By far my favourite super hero game, copies bat man, but beats it easily.

  4. They forgot Death Stranding, PS4 exclusive too

  5. I love this game, its everything you want from a Spider-man game. Watching this, you really feel the passion and love that went into making the game. Really looking forward to their next stuff and DLC in the future

  6. Going up a fire escape is the most insomniac thing in the game

  7. These guys need to make an open universe Guardians of the Galaxy game

  8. everyone thanking insomniac. how bout we thank sony for this too? microsoft, this is how you take care of your publishers and developers.

  9. Marvel should buy insomniac. Marvel Game Universe. That would be sick as hell to have an Iron Man game or a Thor game

  10. 13:09

    Voice Actors of Sasuke Uchiha and Temari from Naruto are married in real life and both voice acted in Spider-Man PS4. Yuri is talking to Yuri in the game. And Yuri in the game actually his wife I. Real life wtf mind blowing 😂😂😂

  11. thanks! bryan intihar and insomniac games for developing an instant classic ps 4 spider-man game and hoping for a part 2 version of the green goblin that,s from the comics and hopefully with the sucess of sony,s venom movie in october will help to enhance your version for the spider-man 2 sequel. thanks! to gamespot for their interview.

  12. So Harry will be Venom and Norman Green Goblin as the main villains in 2

  13. Man I admire this man so much. Him, Cory Barlog, Neil Druckmann, all masters of their craft. Spider-Man exceeded my already high expectations and I can’t wait for that inevitable sequel 😉

  14. For anyone who doubted Insomniac…

    Have you ever played a ratchet and clank game or Resistance 2?

    Incredible games. People were saying they are a B rated studio. Not at all, you just missed out on some amazing AAA games lol…

  15. Black Cat better be playable, thats all i gotta say

  16. If your gonna issue a spoiler warning give us some damn time to stop the video. Damn A hole.

  17. The modelers, sculptors and texture artists have my respect! you deserve a big shout out!

  18. So…..i need Spider-Man 2 now from you guys! Great interview btw! cheers from Sweden!

  19. Honestly, the story was incredible. I wasn't expecting such an amazing narrative on top of the awesome gameplay. It was a curve ball that really made the game that much better.

  20. I like his response to the single-player games being dead comment. I honestly can't comprehend that statement. There will always be a place for single-player games, albeit they may not make as much money as multi-player games or have nearly the same longevity, a good single player game will ALWAYS sell and I significantly prefer them over multiplayer games. I would be devastated if they stopped making single-player games!

  21. If you think about it if they make another spiderman game they could add multiplayer one person plays Peter Parker spiderman and the other plays miles spiderman.

  22. Only complain about this game is that why when I web enemies with electric batons how come they don’t electrocute themselves 🧐🤷‍♂️

  23. I love it I just bot it today, 9/17/18, and it’s the best game ever

  24. I've never used most of the suits superpowers since 2-3 are way better

  25. damn, I let my friend borrow the game after I platinumed it and now I want it back!

  26. This is the greatest Spider-Man game ever. If you have to play only one SM game for the rest of your life, make it this one.

  27. Wanna hear a joke guys.
    Spiderman ps4 – 8.7
    Shadow of tomb raider – 9

  28. SERIOUSLY!this game made me return back to PS after I left PS3 to own a 360…this team should take over Star Wars Battlefront from EA,if Sony keep making games of this standard I will never play my X box again.

  29. If Insomniac creates a black panther game, I would flip

  30. Incredible incredible game . It’s a mixture of Spider-Man 2 and the classic animated series which I grew up on

  31. Well I've been living under a rock lol I've seen nothing but positive about this game and what I've played so far I'm super impressed with it. 😊

  32. It seems Bryan almost went insane making Spider-Man for us… be grateful! lmao

  33. Yes I’m def enjoying Spiderman but the problem with just single player games once you beat them that’s it as in multiplayer the game never ends you get different experience every time so my preference multiplayer

  34. So peter never fought
    Green goblin or the other goblins
    Kraven the hunter
    Venom and carnage
    Hydro man

  35. If there is ever a properly ported PC version, Imma buy it.

  36. Where can I get that ESU shirt Bryan is wearing?

  37. Loved Sunset Overdrive! And Spider Man is just beautiful! So much fun! Congrats to Insomniac on a great game and to all the well deserved praise. I felt like a little kid again watching my favorite superhero and being my favorite superhero!

  38. The scene with Norman placing his hand on Harry’s tube and what looked like a symbiote enveloping his body made me nerd out so hard. Also Eddie Brock signs peters goodbye card from the bugle so I’m super pumped for their take on the symbiotes

  39. happiest 60 dollars i have ever payed
    i will buy the seasonpass now

  40. "We didn't want to alienate anybody" CAN WE PLEASE GET MORE CONTENT CREATORS LIKE THIS

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