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SPIDER-MAN PS4 Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 EVERY EASTER EGG, Marvel references, and secrets revealed! How does the Spider-Man game on PS4 reference the Spider-Man Marvel comics, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Venom, the Avengers, and the Marvel Netflix shows Daredevil and Iron Fist? Erik Voss breaks down all the interesting Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the post-credit cutscene, and the Stan Lee cameo. Where are all the Green Goblin and Doc Ock clues in the game? What are the best secrets contained in the backpacks hidden around the city? What interesting nod to the Spider-Man movies is revealed in the fights against Wilson Fisk and Mr. Negative?



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  1. the firehouse is a real place in ny so its not random and you can find the same ghost picture in the financial district somewhere so its not an easter egg

  2. I didn't miss a single one of these I was expecting more Erik

  3. iplay the game and it's easy to get to doctor Straigh

  4. A lot of these were prominent in the game. Stan lee was in a cutscene, hardly something you’d miss if you played it through

  5. When I play the game I didn't see Stan Lee at all in that cutscene and I really don't want to replace the way just to see that Stan Lee cameo there's only one thing I don't like about the story is two of the stealth missions the one that MJ goes to the stable base and the one more Miles Morales getting chased by a freaking giant bulldozer well that's what Miles Morales calls it and by what I mean by the bulldozer is the rhino I don't know the reason why I did not get the Stanley cut scene I don't know the reason why can you tell me the reason why I got PlayStation 4 I don't have a pro I don't remember where I got my game from but I think it was a store maybe like my local Walmart GameStop


  7. Not only was this the best super hero video game ever made, but it's also one of the best video game ever made, period…

  8. 1:17 I think Blasto is the name of the bar. Does any one else think that?
    9:03 favorite part

  9. I think I found visions academy bridge in here

  10. I thought it was setting up for harry to be green goblin👁️👄👁️

  11. Reed Richards reference is for the Fantastic 4 suit and the human torch

  12. aim didnt really mean anything then but now they do

  13. For the spiderman on ps5 harry might be venom in that

  14. He missed the crusher hogan vs the spider poster

  15. there is also a twin towers ester egg in the game

  16. I noticed an Alias Investigations on the map as well, pretty cool.

  17. The lazy bangle apparently bang because test trivially bolt times a thick philosophy. craven, aboriginal pants

  18. The chilly secretary adversely yawn because possibility realistically blot pro a same mirror. imaginary, able minibus

  19. like you said, spiderman says that the avengers are on the west coast. in the avengers game, the first mission takes place in S.F on the golden gate bridge so insomniac was hinting toward the avengers game that was in the making

  20. 2021 I can tell you there's spiderman miles morales ps5

  21. I need more of these… At least give us one for Miles Morales.

  22. I don’t know if any of you noticed but Fisk tower is right around where Fisk tower is

  23. 2:17 but what I don't get if there is a comic for spiderman where spiderman is real they can LITTERLY know who he is

  24. He’s made of bees? “Nooooo, not the beeeees.”

  25. Yeah the Stan Lee cameo took me by surprise. It made me happy then sad.

  26. The hook shaded nose with that green glow makes Norman look like the goblin

  27. whos here after the spiderman 2 venom trailer

  28. Easter egg you Missed.
    In the the opening cutscene their is a picture of Peter and May (I think?) and behind them their is a sign Feast (Food,Emergency,Aid,Shelter,and Trainin)and its basically a homeless shelter owned and operated by Martin Li who is Mr Negative. It serves as a place of employment for May Parker and is also where Peter Parkerand MILES MORALES volunteers!

  29. little did he know. roxxon will have a role in the next spiderman game.

  30. The Niko room is the only room that has consistent views from both windows

  31. Better call Malone… as in the Into the Spider-Verse song "Sunflower" from Post Malone

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