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Spider-Man PS4 – Final Boss & All Endings + Secret Ending

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This is the final boss fight vs Dr Octopus and every ending of Spider Man for PS4 Pro in HD.
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  1. Thank You Spider-Man "Remastered" for ruining this moment..

  2. who else thought otto should have instead died

  3. am crying I don't want to cry only in front of my mum rip May parker and Ben parker I loved them

  4. This has such a movie vibe to it

  5. So the final boss is literally Sasuke vs rigby. Nice

  6. Peter: cares about aunt may with his whole heart
    Also peter: lets aunt may DIE from the devil’s breath

  7. Aunt May: Take off your mask… I want to see my nephew.
    PS5 Spiderman: takes off mask
    Aunt May: WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!!? 😱😱😱

  8. You never play real games like this

  9. The animation in this game is spectacular. It's so fluid.

  10. I wish to be Spiderman and save the city

  11. Spiderman Ps4 is like the third movie of TASM sequel why?
    1. Cuz no sign of gwen which mean she died in 2014
    2. the first movie is 2012 peter is 15 yrs old at that time the second movie is 2014 he grew older he is now 17 yrs old then now its 2020 the second movie he is 17 yrs old 6 yrs later he is now 23 just like the game in the game peter is 23
    3. his web shooters is almost identical to the amazing spiderman 2. web shooters
    4. just like TASM 2 harry is sick in the end of the game harry is also sick
    5. not much of a prove but when your swinging as spiderman u can do a lot of the swinging in TASM movies
    6. when you collect the bags across the map u can collect the one that he used againts lizard just like TASM
    7. the character model of peter in the game is almost identical to andrew garfield's face but older
    8. again not much of a proof but I'll add it anyways the game also has the oscorp building
    9. the peter of the game is smart just like TASM peter but the game peter is smarter cuz his older his more mature
    10. the sinister six was formed just like the end of TASM and TASM 2 someone is trying to recruit curt connors and harry
    11. this one is kinda nitpick peter's height in the game is 5'10 just like andrew garfield his also 5'10 12th Peter in this game is so talkative when fighting bad guys just like andrew in the first movie when his webbing up the thief his so talkative

  12. I want to complete the achievment to access Mary Jane´s ass. But is very hard cuz she is a feminist. lol

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