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Spider-Man PS4 – Final Boss Fight (Spiderman Game 2018) PS4 Pro

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Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 2018 game Final Boss Dr Otto Octavius & Peter Parker in new black costume

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  1. Man this gameplay and story is just so sick, insane gameplay, am going to get it even if am a bit late haha

  2. Played this game for the first time today and beat it


  3. "You were everything I wanted to be!"

    Chill Pete, you sure you want that hairline?

  4. I am waiting for my first salary to buy this game

  5. I realize peters voice is the same as sasukes😂

  6. Anyone ain't gonna talk about the little Batman animated theme used in it 😅?

  7. I like to think that the second “you knew!” Was fulled with rage after Peter realized that even thought otto knew he was Spider-Man he still did what he did

  8. “You are everything I wanted to be!!! You just…threw it away!!!”

  9. Otto is a monster even at the last. First, he appeals to Peter as a father 'I saw you as a son', his morals 'We have to do whats best for those beneath us', as a partner, 'we can fix it, if you'il help me', his emotions, 'Peter, that wasnt me', his conscience 'You'il never leave me, you promised' and finally blackmailing him 'your secret is safe with me'. Only after Peter, with all that he had, outrightly rejects him, that Otto screams his name, knowing full well he is utterly defeated. The real battle wasnt on the roof. It wasnt on the side of the building. It wasnt between Spiderman and doc Oct. It was between Peter and Otto, a hero and his fallen comrade, to the very end.

  10. I don’t get how Otto says to say the truth but gets mad when he says the truth 💀

  11. I would love to know how he survives all those stomps lol

  12. I’m missing gameplay do you have the black man blue suit

  13. I love how otto only made it on top of the building while peter was having a surgery and making his new suit for a few hours

  14. “You do what you think is best doc, that’s all any of us can do… even if it hurts like hell”

  15. Now rigby with his new arms can win at punchies and armwrestling

  16. God! I love how he was trying to not look at Otto after his face mask got damaged, but when he says Parker, he turns around just in shock. This game was incredible.

  17. I just love how when the fight starts the subtitles say “spider-man” but then it changes to “Peter” after his mask gets ripped, that little detail shows that it was him speaking honestly to someone that he considered a friend

  18. Wait, didn’t doc get a look at Peter’s costume earlier in the game? Wouldn’t he already have known?

  19. Best game ever no Doubt no arguments This is best game everrr!! I’ve ended this spider man 2 times❤️❤️❤️

  20. Peter: YOU KNEW!
    Otto: uhhh no, I just saw your face when I broke your mask, you're pretty shitty at covering your face.
    Peter: oh, fuck you anyway.

  21. I never realized it until watching this video but peter is so surprised he knows its him but yet talked to him the whole fight like peter would. How would spiderman know so much about otto wanting to help ppl and really a good guy. He kinda gave it away

  22. when otto reveals he knew peter was spiderman in the subtitles it changes from spiderman to peter. so he didnt win as spiderman. he won as peter parker

  23. It's so sad because if he didn't say "You rest easy knowing I'll keep your secret", Peter would've tried to actually help him further. When he said that, Peter realized that all he said was bullshit.

  24. His second, “You knew!” and “Not more than it means to me!” at 11:01 are so visceral. Yuri is as GOAT actor.

  25. Man I felt that John Bubniaks face make feel more emotion than the new model and I actually felt for Peter

  26. 10:48 always confused me. Otto knew he was spiderman at the beginning of the game. He gave him a new costume and gadgets.

  27. Why can’t I find a video with someone who actually talks because I can’t do this mission I don’t die I just attack FOREVER and the he jumps to the top and then I attack some more and he jumps up again then I attack then that just keeps happening

  28. When I see that Peter I just think about The Amazing Spider-Man..

  29. Does anyone still feel this is the BEST depiction of Spider-Man after Peter’s face change?

  30. Damn doc oct kinda sounds like obito

  31. One thing that I wished they showed in the story is Peter confronting norman after all of this norman never really paid for the things he did. He created so many enemies and created devils breath despite his good intentions he still created it. And Spider-Man just kinda left him alone after the story when really he should have gone after him to.

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