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Spider-Man (PS4) – Game Review

Jeremy Jahns
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The PS4 has another rock solid exclusive that lets you play as everyone’s favorite wall crawler. Here’s my review of SPIDER-MAN!

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  1. One of my favourite games of all time 👌😎👏

  2. Wow a lot of spoiler here didn't know that

  3. It's missing the criminal radios that let you hear the best sentences in history.

  4. This is one of the few games that almost had me in tears at the end

  5. Who wants to see a Venom based game trilogy that goes into stories of Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, with the storylines of Anti-Venom, Agent Venom, Carnage possibly the light foundation symbiotes.

  6. Not as good as Spiderman 2 movie game or Web Of Shadows, sorry not sorry. Borrows WAY TOO MUCH from Arkham games. Story is, okay for a Spiderman game. The suits are the best part but ironically doesn't have the best suits Where is Black suit Spiderman? Where is Iron Spiderman? where is Spider-Carnage? Sigh…. There is so much that insomniac could have done with and better. Why can't I swing with both arms using R2 and L2?!?! If you're a casual Spiderman comic and game fan then it's cool if you're a long time fanboy…. it's a good time if you're drunk..

  7. Ay play this game for a while and go back to Arkham knight. I can barley play that now.

  8. I'm glad I didn't buy this game right bc now I can experience the game with the raimi suit

  9. re "metroid-vania", might I suggest "arkham-creed" ?

  10. Best suit ability is the Stark suit, "Spider Bro" ability. It's a drone that will literally take out an entire wave of bad guys on it's own. Runner up for pure banter is the "Wisecrack" ability from the animated suit.

  11. THANK YOU! Peter is definitely OUR Spider-Man…this new guy is for the new generation.

  12. Now you can’t have any of my Potpie! X’D

  13. They’re saving the black suit for the sequel

  14. This ediot doesn't even know tge black suit isnt in their cuase its going to be in something even GREATER😂😂😂😂

  15. Got here on exactly the 400k mark for views. Very satifying.

  16. Am I the only person who misses the pizza missions

  17. Also the lightning bolts appear above spidey's head to symbolize his spidey sense, whereas in Arkham, the lightning bolts appear above the enemy's head. Also it's more of a Dodge in Spider-Man than a counter.

  18. Like how you mentioned the swinging….You could hear the swinging especially on surround or headphones…The wind and how Peter Parker enjoys doing it…good times!☺☺😊 And the soundtrack…Especially the main theme song…. used it for my alarm clock…

  19. Just achieved the trophy platinum today. PHENOMENAL GAME!

  20. I assumed you did have to get golds on the challenges so I banged my head against the wall repeatedly till I got the golds. Then you get to the Black Cat dlc and there are more…. damn.. challenges. That was one of the only things I didn't like about this otherwise incredible game

  21. Literally just put this in for the first time today RIGHT NOW 21:22PST Dec 13, 2020.

  22. People don’t talk about this games score enough, best video game score I’ve heard in a while

  23. Just finished it. Awesometacular indeed.

  24. My favorite suit power, ever since I first unlocked everything, I never changed it from this ability.

    Everyone goes down in 1 hit, even you. That one really makes you feel like Spider-Man. The added tension of having to dodge every single attack, and rewarding feeling when you take down an entire mob of criminals in 10 seconds. I love it, it is my favorite.

  25. It’s actually funny, all of the minor Sinister Six were tough and each progressively tougher than the last but the Mr. Negative fight? SPOILERS
    I literally just web jumped (x-button’d) in a circle until he tired himself out and then attacked. That was the only battle that I didn’t lose any life in. It was kind of a let down.

    But, the whole game was great. The way I buy games is, I listen for hype, read reviews and wait for it to go on sale, and especially if the hype lasts years I buy it. I found it with all the DLC included for under $40 CAD, worth every cent.

  26. 3yrs late due to parenting , so I'm doing a lotta catch up with the PS5 ..what an amazing addictive game.
    Looking at this footage makes me appreciate even more the 60fps/4k upgrade.
    My only gripe was the stealth sections otherwise a perfect fun and addictive game.

  27. They're saving symbiote suit for the sequel.

  28. 0:50 It's amazing we've come full circle here. Spider-Man 2 (The Game, 2004) set the benchmark for open world action games, 11 years before Arkham Knight, but now the newest Spider-Man game is being compared to that very game.

  29. how have u not done sam rami spider man 2 bro come on its the best one!!!! literally done the rest but the best!!!!!

  30. "I feel like we can never have Doc Ock in the newer Spider-Man movies because I would just compare it to Alfred Molina's Doc Ock…"
    Sony: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move.

  31. Id like Jeremy's take on the Spider-Man Miles Morales game. Wonder if he still feels the same way.

  32. One of the best Spiderman games ever made…..And then they just HAD to ruin it with the PS5 Remaster😡 Fucking Bullshit

  33. Despite my avatar I don't get much time to play games. I finally beat this game today. Started playing 2 years ago and I've been playing it off and on again when I have a bit of free time. It was a great game with a few interesting plot twists. Funny how I beat the game 3 years later to the very day this review was posted, lol.

    Guess I'm buying Miles next and then a year later I'll get Spiderman 2 that recently got announced if it comes out on PS4 or if I can manage to find a PS5 somehow.

  34. Nah the best suit ability is the one that zips everyone lol a life saver

  35. 4:48 watching this now a days is funny given certain No Way Home characters showing up now. I hope they pull it off! Also can’t wait for the next Spiderman man game either!

  36. 2018 was a really good year for PlayStation gamers.

  37. Omg a drunk spiderman game would be hilarious 😂 imagine Spiderman with octodad controls lol

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