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Spider-Man PS4 Graphics Comparison: PS4 Pro vs. PS4

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A detailed look at the visual fidelity of Marvel’s Spider-Man, comparing the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) Review:

How Spider-Man on PS4 Reinvents the Wall-Crawler’s Mythology:

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  1. The ps4 pro looks much clearer for Spiderman for me.
    The intro cutscene passing over newspapers looked a bit trippy because it was a but……unfocused for me but I don't feel so nauseous on the pro.
    Other than clarity and fps improvements (AND LESS NOISE)
    the pro doesn't bring much but I got it so my dad can have my base ps4, got mk11 too so maybe the graphics will be drop dead gorgeous.
    Other than that I say when the ps5 comes out this will be worth it because it can optimise the games from ps5 better than the base ps4.

  2. If you pause at 0:15 the graphics on PS4 are a lot better then PS4 Pro!

  3. I'm watching this in 4K and I just don't see a difference.

  4. I don’t know if it’s the phones that were watching them on but see no difference. But I know for a fact my PS4 pro with the Sony 900f looks a lot better than this.

  5. amazing video thanks for that video now i knew that diffrence ps4 and ps4 pro

  6. Did anyone notice that the guy who says, "Bring in the Hammer" on PS4 Pro is missing his arm tattoo in the normal PS4 version

  7. If your TV is not 4K capable, the Pro & Slim visuals are identical …. The Slim can be purchased for $150-$250 less then the Pro ! Currently in Canada at Best Buy the Slim is $320 BNIB & Pro is $499 …. With only a limited number of games capable of taking advantage of 4K resolution, It's kind of a no brainer here until the PS5 release !

  8. Only difference i see that it is pro version

  9. Buying a ps4 pro would be waste , assuming you wanna buy it just for this game , sure it’s slightly sharper but it’s still 30 fps

  10. I couldn't tell any difference except it is lighter for pro

  11. In the beginning the truck has more fire on ps4 pro and its more sharper and colerfull with a higher resolution

  12. There looks to be no difference. But I got a pro and 4k TV a couple months ago and I can defo see a difference when playing GTA and rdr2 it's not like next gen or nothing but I was quite surprised by the difference when I played them it's a lot more obvious then the videos on here show.

  13. The best thing about the pro are the sharp buildings In the distance

  14. woop de doo it looks a bit better, if only the pro would do something actually useful and improve the frame rate like with some other games 60fps, would make this game look astronomically better than a negligible graphics increase

  15. Thanks for making this now I can dised which ones better

  16. big diferences on my 65' 4k tv .Incredible.

  17. I am happy I don’t need a ps4 pro to play

  18. At 0:25 you can see that the fire effects are much better on the pro

  19. The reason why we can’t see the difference is because we can’t change our quality of the vid

  20. While the video is lagging every 5 sec because of 4K you can see the differences

  21. The draw distance is slightly better on ps4 pro but mostly its the 4k which the ps4 has over the base PS4 also Ps4 pro has a better framerate. The little details as seen on 0:51 is better

  22. How this game will look on ps5 😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Can I really play it on PS4, dose it works nicely ??

  24. If you don’t have a 4K tv, don’t buy a PS4 Pro, there’s no difference if you play anything below that

  25. 0:12 this guy on ps4 pro don't have a tatoo on his arm lol besides there is no difference

  26. The standard ps4 or the slim has a 1.8 teraflop gpu and the pro had a 4.2 right? Id say that's a decent difference and ps4 pro does look cleaner and more crisp especially the render distance as well as shadows and animations

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