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Spider-Man PS4 How to Beat Rhino & Scorpion Boss Fight

Attack of the Fanboy
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Here’s one way to beat the Rhino and Scorpion Boss fight in Spider-Man for PS4


  1. This is hard enough on east. But playing on Ultimate difficulty, I have no idea what to do lol.

  2. Im playing on easy and finding this very difficult

  3. I swear I get like 5 finishers on each and they don’t die

  4. Dude can u friend me so I can share play this with u Andy can help me my name is christiankees097 on ps4 please I need help

  5. im playing on easy as well and it is still super hard. Do u guys imaginr on extreme?

  6. Most annoying boss fight this.

  7. I actually got him on spectacular finally

  8. i just reached the end of the game its soooo goood

  9. I play on amazing and the game was easy till this mission

  10. Your meant to fully knock rhino down then you on have to do 2 combos on scorpion that how I did it

  11. When you're hitting Scorpion, look at the epic variation on the basic combo. 3:48 This is what the normal "beat up a thug" animation looked like in 2017 at E3.

  12. Im on 55% of the game and nothing to do but swinging around and fighting inflected people

  13. I’ve played on all of the difficulties and I’m on hard and whenever I unload the webs on scorpion he doesn’t go down

  14. i changed to easy for this fight and ive been trying to do it for 3 hours now

  15. I play on amazing and this is super hard.
    I fell bad for the people who play on spectacular

  16. I used Web Mines and Concussion Blasts to beat Scorpion. After that stuns him, use finishers.

    After that Rhino is easy.

  17. That was easy don’t know what u lot are on about

  18. If you use all your special webs on scorpion you’ll be able to take him down, and then after that rhino can easily get knocked down with 2 or 3 big hits

  19. I did it in a funny way. I just web up scorpion then have rhino run into him😂

  20. It’s very easy once you ground Scorpion takes like 10 minutes total

  21. Oh yes
    I finally did it 👍😎😁

  22. thank you Attack of the Fanboy i've been trying to make rhino go under the crates and pull them down while shooting at scorpian and i always died i'm hoping this will help me

  23. Thanks a lot, Scorpion is getting on my nerves

  24. Why is this so easy, no joke I did it in 10 minutes

    ultimate:Try me Beyoncé

  26. Gosh this boss fight is difficult, I've died at least 10 times and I'm on easy aswell 😂😂

  27. Here what worked for me hit scorpion 5 times and hit rhino 2-3 times

  28. Im thinking of buying spiderman ps4 soon ik im late but my friends told me this fight was difficult it doesnt seem that difficult once you first get rhino after you target scorpion till hes down once hes down rhino shouldnt be hard

  29. I ran out of stupid strong webs and I forget how to reload them 🤔

  30. Thx after this it took me 5 minutes to do

  31. I landed in the water and discovered a secret Easter egg. If you go into photo mode and glitch underwater, you will see there are actually fish underwater
    Pretty cool

  32. My only problem is that I haven't played in a year and dont remember how to heal or reload my webs

  33. it’s so annoying cuz the animation makes me sit there for 3 seconds after a finisher, then the other guy jus comes and knocks me out

  34. guys its really easy if you take out scorpion first, he goes down in like two-three hits

  35. Can we skip this mission ??? Anyhow😅😅😂🤣

    Please tell I am serious

  36. How come I have scorpion AND rhino to fight AT THE SAME TIME. Not helpful – this must be baby-mode or something

  37. I only watched and subscribed because you are very helpful

  38. I played on ultimate a long time ago. To people still playing this game…

    Scorpion’s attacks are stronger but he’s easier to go down.

    Rhino is slow but harder to takedown due to his height

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