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Spider-Man PS4: How to Get to the Statue of Liberty

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Getting to the Statue of Liberty in Marvel’s Spider-Man should be impossible, but apparently it’s not.

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  1. So how do you dismiss leaving the area? Only option I can do is go back?

  2. They've fixed it in January 2019 🙁 i've really wanted to do this but thanks anyways

  3. How do you dissmiss the warning (You are leaving the area).

  4. I was wondering where all the cars come from and go when they leave

  5. It didn’t work, Because My Game Is Updated And it fixes the bugs :/

  6. So you have to jump off of the "FREEDOM TOWER" to get free of the level restrictions and make it to the STATUE OF LIBERTY. I'm sure that was not an accident.

  7. In Soviet Russia, The Statue of Liberty comes to you.

  8. Bro they reversed the boundary limitation on me I can’t go back to New York for sum odd reason somebody please help

  9. i kept on trying to web hang from the helicoptors for like 30 minutes like in the spiderman 2 ps2 game because i thought it would maybe have it as a nod to that but kinda dissapointed now.

  10. Anybody else find the TMNT Easter egg or just me?….. It's obvious but it IS an egg.

  11. sad that you could actually go there in the spider man 2 game lmao

  12. To get to the raft you have to swim all the way to the other side of the city

  13. U lied I spent all night and it still doesn’t work

  14. So the most iconic landmark in New York is not even normally accessible??

  15. I am Megalophobic, so i'm glad there is no mission at the liberty statue.

  16. I hope we get to access the Statue of Liberty and the other side of the bridges like in Spider-Man 2 in the next game

  17. This should have just been in the game. I mean come on. Other games did it. What is New York without that. I do hope the sequel includes it. But this much trouble. Not even Lady Liberty is worth that many wet suits.

  18. Am watching this in 2020
    How will marvel spiderman miles ps5 be like 😂😂😂😂😂

  19. It's a shame because I wanted to do some poses with the statue of liberty.

  20. I found a glitch where you can swim out to the road then swing under the map, it's pretty fun and it's still not patched

  21. Insomniac fixed this glitch. It does not work anymore.

  22. The people in the cars are like: Oh I forgot my stuff

  23. I'm from the future, Tobey is gonna have a "helluva time" here again real soon.

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