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Spider-Man PS4 New Game Plus on Ultimate Difficulty

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We go through the opening of Spider-Man on PS4 again but this time on New Game Plus!

Spider-Man PS4: How to Get to the Statue of Liberty:

Spider-Man PS4: Swinging Across the Entire Map (Captured in 4K):

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  1. The game would’ve have online like you making only spider man and go play online with friends. Do anything 👌🏾that’s why the game would’ve sell more. Believe the game is amazing I played it every day I get off work. We need a updated online

  2. I just keep spamming the spider drones and Spider Bros and using finishers and it's super easy. Don't even have to fight.

  3. It’s a new game plus and the Chopper is still waiting for Wilson Fisk to arrive 😂

  4. man this game sure did get boring after I completed it
    um yeah that kinda happens when you complete a game
    I dont know why people are complaining about a game being boring after they beat the game smh. ofcourse its boring you beat it.

  5. Boss fight became easy on ultimate settings if you've cleared the game once lol. I thought it would've been tougher to beat

  6. The game is super easy even on ultimate, halfway through NG+ and didn't break a sweat.

  7. Is this game only for PS4 can it also be on Xbox One?

  8. I completed the new game plus ultimate difficulty and tbh it felt like it was the same as spectacular anyone else agree??

  9. I’m also playing on ulitmate now (new game plus)

  10. Still milking this game huh? I put this game down after I had to swing thru some mist to gather samples that did it for me.

  11. I see there's a lot of nephews on the comment section no understanding the difference between Newgame+ and DLC

  12. The newgame+ infinite i mean can we restart again after finish the newgame plus or no

  13. This game wouldve been much much more awesome if you can enter buildings while free roaming the city

  14. Went through the whole game on NG plus on Ultimate Difficulty and got the two trophies! Super proud of myself and it was such a challenging but freakin awesome time! 😀

  15. has anyone tried playing this with a keyboard and mouse??if the gameplay is smooth with mouse and keyboard..i will buy a ps4…please help me know…anyone???

  16. I'mma going to be honest. My original playthrough was on spectacular and after playing ultimate, I really can't tell the difference at all. There was nothing that felt even remotely difficult.

  17. Maybe they should cancel the Spider sense's flash in NG+

  18. Just finished beating ultimate difficulty (new game), now doing new game plus on ultimate. Working on regaining my 100%

  19. Well based on the comments those complaining about NGP being easy are either too young to be aware of how it works or are salty Xbox fan boys.

  20. I played on ultimate and found it really easy

  21. Harder difficulties makes game more exciting to play. I started with spectacular one. Now I'm gonna play with ultimate.

  22. Who else finds the utlimate mode easy? Specially when fighting the demons?

  23. There's only one reasonable thing to do… fight all bosses in undies

  24. Okay, so I’ve played through the entire story on Ultimate Difficulty on New Game Plus and finished it in under 1 day. It was extremely easy. Felt as if nothing changed from the Amazing difficulty on my first playthrough. I do know that the game can be kind of annoying when taking on the bases, but I haven’t tried on ultimate difficulty cus I really have no interest in 100% the game again at this moment. Anyone notice a difference in the enemy bases on ultimate difficulty or nah? DLC bases included.

  25. I beat the game regularly on the highest difficulty in 1 day and beat new game + on ultimate difficulty in 2

  26. I completed this in ultimate BEFORE and 100% IT !

  27. Is the only difference that u can carry over gadgets or can u get new op items like in most games which have new game plus

  28. This is my first time seeing your channel and i already subbed and turned on notifications

  29. So wait how do I get the new game+ trophy do I have to complete the whole game so I have to beat the begging and then fight the boss dr octopus

  30. So is new game plus mode available after you get 100 percent on the save slot of this game or is it dlc

  31. am i the only one who gets irritated when people let go at the bottom of the swing? way less satisfying

  32. Whelp guess who is re downloading this gem?

  33. Yeah try not to get hit when all the prisoner break loose in the city on ultimate, make a video of that and i will believe you got skill.

  34. I kinda wish that New Game+ wouldnt delete whatever save you have and that it would create a different save

  35. the game is still butt butt easy. build your loadout around focus and keep the starting ultimate ability and you will barrel through enemies. even without I started doing hideouts with no special perks or an ultimate ability and it still wasn’t very hard at all.

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