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SPIDER-MAN PS4 Silver Lining DLC Screwball Gets Arrested Scene (SPIDERMAN PS4)

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SPIDER-MAN PS4 Silver Lining DLC Screwball Gets Arrested Scene (SPIDERMAN PS4)

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  1. She kinda reminds me of jigsaw since she puts people in dangerous situations

  2. I love how Screwball's super annoying personality has made fans read that one issue of Superior Spider Man again where Screwball gets the ever living shit beaten out of her.

  3. Everytime I see screwball. My mind just asks me "who raised her?"

  4. Screwball stop getting everyone into trouble ok

  5. They could have at least given us the chance to beat the shit out of her after all the shit she put us through.

  6. wait which dlc is this. I have the GOTY edition, haven't done the DLC's yet.

  7. Am I the only person who thinks her voice is adorable

  8. Why does everyone hate screwball but I actually like her

  9. What Gives People Feelings of Power:
    •Earning Ultimate Level on all of Screwball’s Combat Challenges on the Ultimate difficulty

  10. not watching the full video because I haven't played DLC #3 yet BUT

    I did all of the screwball missions in the other 2 DLC's because I thought it was worth my time to do all of them just so I could have the satisfaction of having her put in jail so once I get to play this mission it's gonna be immensely satisfying.

  11. The Screwball fight should've ended with Peter deactivating her channel

  12. Am I the only one who at some point ignored the photobomb,I mean he was saying how she’d keep going as long as people were watching and were entertained so I thought not giving them what they wanted would be the right choice

  13. The screwball side quest felt like the Riddler side quest in the Arkham games

  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Screwball one of the more modern Spider-Man villains?

  15. I'm suprised by how many people found Screwball annoying. I thought she was a fun character and I enjoyed most of her challenges.

  16. Screwball is like a modern TikTok teen that makes the news for crazy shit.

  17. Thank god they arrested her I hate her soooo much. I am glad they arrested that piece of (you know)

  18. screwball is batman arkhams equivalent to the riddler, annoying, tell me if im wrong.

  19. Man she’s a brat
    It’s epic how spider-man say at the end officially unfollowed

  20. Ok first of all, how is she running through the city like a supervillain when she's a normal person?

  21. I didn't bother going for 100% because I hated Screwball missions, legit swung away every time they made me go look at her stupid projectors.

  22. Yuri Lowenthal was a Ben 10 actor,now he is a Spiderman actor

  23. Who's the idiot who put addison rae in this game

  24. "As long as her fans keep giving her validation she's going to keep doing more and more dangerous stunts."
    It's alarming really how relatable to real life some of this stuff is.

  25. How Mysterio is with the Entertainment Industry,

    the same as how Screwball is with Social Media.

  26. i’ve never been so annoyed by a character.

  27. The thumbnail looked as tho Screwball was getting screwed..

  28. I'm so glad Screwball got arrested she is so annoying and frustrating. I hope they put her in the deepest darkest hole in Ravencroft, Rykers or The Raft

  29. totally thought that was Pepsiman in the thumbnail

  30. Screwball's even more annoying than Drama Club (It's a 2021 Nickelodeon-channel show, for those who had stopped watching Nickelodeon channel in 2013) character Bianca was, in the sense that compared to Bianca, doesn't know when to stop the very live-streaming business.

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