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Spider-Man PS4 – Web Swinging Across the Entire City

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We web swing across all of Manhattan with style in Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

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  1. If you enjoy this video, you may like our latest one titled "Epic Web Swinging in the Raimi Suit" It's out now on our channel and linked on the end screen of this video. Thanks for watching! 😎🕷 -Garrett

  2. ehh the gameplay is a bit repetitive for me but the stories 🔥👌🏾

  3. 5:15 Yooo that synchronization with the music was PERFECT.

  4. Spider-Man everytime hes alerted to crime in the nearby area: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that

  5. My favorite part is 5:16 (heading up to the top). When spiderman point-launches from the spire, it truly feels epic amd climactic the way it corresponds with the music.

  6. "All units receiving reports of a robbery, suspects are armed, need immediate response"

  7. Guys i just got this game and soon i will get a ps how easy is it to swing in this game

  8. Imagine being the city cleaner, and having to deal with little strands of webs stuck everywhere

  9. Whenever I go back to this game, I always use that suit. I generally like black suits so spidermonkey is definitely up there for me but theres something about this suit. Idk lol

  10. I am surprised he done this in 7 mins! It would probably take me 20 mins!( I am not really slow at swinging lol)

  11. Me who has a xbox and wants to play this👁💧👄 💧👁

  12. Can't wait to do this again as Mile Morales.

  13. Because of this game i did whatever a spider can.

  14. How can someone be so smooth at swinging

  15. Although most of it is inspired from TASM 2 , they still didn't include the TASM suits but after the backlash they finally added it to the remaster. Sony likes to mess up with their already perfect projects and then fans have to repent.

  16. I developed a fear of heights from this game. Hehehehe

  17. The ONLY thing I find wrong with this game is that their is an emergency almost every 2 seconds wherever he goes, it wouldn't really make sense for so much crime to be happening, but it is a game and you need some robberies so you can beat up bad guys to fuel your fun, I get it.

  18. I know that this is good after my dad (WHO ONLY SHITTIN PLAYS PUBG) LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE GAME

  19. Can’t we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these graphics are?

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