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Spider-Man PS4’s Boat NPCs Will Haunt My Dreams

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is a beautiful game, but the NPCs appear to resemble some of Spider-Man’s past titles.

Spider-Man PS4: How to Find the Amazing GTA 4 Easter Egg:

Spider-Man PS4’s Ultimate Marvel Easter Egg:

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  1. That's what you get when optimizing console games

  2. LMAO! N64 textures! Gotta love them miss-used PNGs!

  3. New Yorkers: We don't talk about the boat people. They leave us alone we leave them alone. That's the way it's always been.

  4. 007 Goldeneye have best characters and are much more better than this. Blasphemy!

  5. When a toon town bad guy had a baby with a Spider-Man NPC

  6. imagine you get near a boat in real life and find people like this… then you know you are inside the matrix

  7. Who put little nightmares faces on spider man ps4 😂😂

  8. The epic spiderman music in the background is so condescending

  9. "For England James?"

    "No, for Insomniac"

  10. They forgot to download half life source

  11. I’m so confused why they wouldn’t just use some static pedestrian models 😂 why these blockheads??

  12. Who’s here after they’ve come back on Spider man: miles morales?

  13. The funniest part was insomiac thought they could get away with the boat ncp these people really thought no one would try to look at the boats

  14. Even the boat people in Spiderman 2 were rendered properly and when did that come out? 15 years ago

  15. I kinda want them to be villains in some spiderman games

  16. Spiderman's most feared villains of all: the dreaded Blockhead gang.

  17. Kids don't play minecraft too long
    10 days later: man I told u this would happen timmy

  18. The best part is it doesn't get changed in ps5

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