SPIDER-MAN RAP by JT Music - "With Great Power" - friv2018games.net

SPIDER-MAN RAP by JT Music – “With Great Power”

JT Music
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Despite evacuating and working remote, we got you guys this Spider-Man Rap ONLY a little bit late. We hope you enjoy it and stay safe out there fellow Florence homies.

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SPIDER-MAN RAP by JT Music – “With Great Power”


  1. Been literally listening to this nonstop on repeat for 4 hours while cleaning up and working out. Still could listen to this. Man and this came 2 years ago. Time flies. Hope whoever is reading this has a nice day!

  2. I'm brazilian but the rap is very good 🙂

  3. I have Hera this song hundreds of times
    He beber says Spiderman now single time

  4. Crack my knuckles and snap my knuckles is a great line it gave me shivers

  5. I wonder if Tom Holland ever plays this game lol

  6. Dude the gameplay makes you feel like Spidey if you've played the game you know what I mean and listening to while playing heightens that feel to a whole nother level

  7. @britian what would the kingpin be like theri

  8. Even tho miles was a good game this had cooler moments

  9. I love this song can I use your song on my fan made spider man theam song and mention you guys made it?

  10. "who needs the avengers Ill get my own revenge" goddamn right

  11. Before I heard this song a couple days ago, I didn't know what people meant when they said they had an "eargasm"… I understand now.

  12. Listening to this song for the first time in 2 years and I still know it word for word


    My fav lines: “Why would you ever be scared of falling when my web will catch you?” And: “I’m not so tall but watch me tower!”

  14. What l love ab jt is that they have different beats and melodies instead of the same beat.

  15. For a moment, I thought this was a song about me. All the lines up to, but not including "Your ready Arachnophobes" actually apply to me…

  16. Did anyone notice the MORTAL KOMBAT reference in 3:48? Now that's what i call "smooth like butter"

  17. 4:175:04 just clearly defines who Spider-Man is, I love how JT doesn’t describe him as any ordinary superhero, but a superhero weighted with endless amounts of responsibility and it is basically the key about Spider-Man, because his true superpower is his will to protect New York City.

  18. The line "Check that your enemies aren't you friends, This one is for Uncle Ben" was in my opinion the coolest line in the entire song

  19. The fact risk wasn't rhymed with fisk at the start disappoints me

  20. Bro this was the greatest game that they made but even better music:)

  21. Spider man spider man does whatever a spider can can I walk no I can't

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