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Spider-Man Remastered PS5 – All 45 Suits (New PS5 + All DLC Suits Included)

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This video shows off all 45 suits in Spider-Man Remastered for PS5. (1080p & 60fps) This includes all 3 of the new suits in the remastered version plus all of the suits unlocked from completing the 3 DLC packs. Thanks for watching. Please activate the full description for time stamps of each suit.

00:00 Armored Advanced Suit
00:44 Arachnid-Rider Suit
01:20 Amazing Suit
01:56 Stealth Suit
02:33 Upgraded Suit
03:16 Cyborg Spider-Man Suit
03:54 Into the Spider-Verse Suit
04:45 Webbed Suit (Sam Raimi Suit)
05:56 Bag-Man Suit
06:30 Future Foundation Suit
07:12 Aaron Aikman Armor
07:58 Spider-Clan Suit
09:13 Iron Spider Armor
10:00 Spider-Armor MK I
10:45 Scarlet Spider II Suit
11:33 ESU Suit
12:08 Anti-Ock Suit
12:58 Dark Suit
13:36 Resilient Suit
14:16 Spider-UK Suit
15:16 Homemade Suit
16:00 Undies
16:35 Last Stand Suit
17:23 Vintage Comic Book Suit
18:10Spider-Man 2099 White Suit
18:49 Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit
19:28 Iron Spider Suit
20:22 Velocity Suit
21:16 Spider-Armor MK IV Suit
22:03 Spirit Spider
22:53 Spider-Armor MK III Suit
23:45 Stealth (“Big Time”) Suit
24:29 Fear Itself Suit
25:14 Wrestler Suit
26:07 Spider-Punk
26:56 Spider Armor – MK II Suit
27:30 Secret War Suit
28:07 Stark Suit
28:45 Negative Suit
29:23 Electrically Insulated Suit
30:22 Scarlet Spider Suit
31:12 Noir Suit
31:49 Classic Suit (Repaired)
32:32 Classic Suit (Damaged)
33:26 Advanced Suit


  1. I need this game but I don’t have a ps4 or ps in general

  2. So… I have this game, but for PS4 and all dlcs. On a PS5, will i have access to both?

  3. Is anyone concerned that Spider-Man just said die by the beatdown

  4. Ngl aaron aikman armor is maybe my first or second fav suit in this game

  5. There is only one suit I've been dying to actually see and its the symbiote suit

  6. Why have all those suits and only a select few of them have perks? Like what's the fuckin point other than aesthetics?….

  7. Why there is no Amazing Spider-Man «2» suit here. His costume is perfect.

  8. The things that I love are the fact that we get to use Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s spiderman suits

  9. I can’t lie the reflection on the Future Foundation Spider-Man’s eyes in the remastered look amusing!

  10. The second suit looks like armored anime spider man

  11. Someone please answer
    Are there 45 suits in Spider-Man PS4

  12. Personally the armored advanced suit is my favorite

  13. #1: a whitish suit.
    #2: Power Rangers suit.

  14. The ps5 is alittle closer to what we saw at e3 but still not quite there. Dont think the consoles can handel those graphics smoothly just yet. They could probably handel it at slow speeds but once you start swinging and moving fast the consol would crash with the amount of detail that needs to process that we saw at e3

  15. wait so do the preordered suits come with remastered?

  16. The amazing Spider-Man suit is the best except for the spidey verse suit. Both my favorites. Wish they added amazing spider man 2 suit. That one was amazing

  17. Dark suit is my fav.soon as I got that,that's all I used..

  18. I know theres too many suits but no love for cartoon suits

  19. 5:56 that suit was also in the 2000 spiderman game for PS1 and N64 and Dreamcast.

  20. God I wish this game wasn’t PlayStation Exclusive. I wish exclusives didn’t exist at all

  21. Should've gave Peter a bit of a gut with the Into The Spider-Verse suit tbh

  22. Απόστολος Πατρίκιος says:

    best suit in tasm

  23. Are the 3 new suits available for ps4? Ik I’m late but if anyone knows lmk thanks

  24. Can you make the same old me scene with all the skins

  25. The stealth suit was the only suit I ever used, never changed it once

  26. I dont know what to put for my username says:

    Yup getting a ps5

  27. I love the last stand suit, but I really wish they gave us some sort of monotone suit like venoms.

  28. My favorite is future foundation which is at (6:30) and also iron spider suit (19:28) also (9:13) is like it but with armors edit : velocity suit too (20:25)

  29. The raimi suit should have an ability where web shooters don’t run out

  30. I only have 44 slots. I also have only 77%, but why do you have 45? Did they remove a suit?
    Edit: the game is just weird, it doesn't show an empty spot for the suit you get from the last mision.

  31. 19:03 spiderman 2099 black suit …but its blue no sir it's black u have color blind ok

  32. This is me literally every 5 seconds, there's so much good suits i cant find my main

  33. Shame we never got the Superior Spider costume. Here's to hoping they include it next game!

  34. 16:00 isn’t it embarrassing for Spider-Man just to swing around half naked? 😂😂

  35. Now the TASM suit is my favorite suit in the game but I still love peters advanced suit but not as my favorite suit in the game

  36. Toby Maguire suit is the best one in the whole game

  37. wow this is cool SPIDERMAN game this happens in movies sweet i think i would play that in my PS station so i can be powerful and safe the day wow this is a good game to play .

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