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Spider Man Talks To His Crush Shuri – Marvel Avengers Game 2021

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  1. it seems like the voice actors put alot of effort into delivering these lines well, just to have them put over some boring npc-esque lifeless body movement, sad

  2. I like how T'Challa's squaring up with Peter during their conversation

  3. The fact that Cap is worried about Spidey BREAKING his shield just SHOWS you how powerful Peter is! How cool is that?!

  4. Oh my god that even scared me 😂

  5. Bro why do they keep jumping and shit, T’Challa looks like he’s tryna square up

  6. Spiderman must choose with whom : shuri,natasha,Kate, kamala 💖

    will be or if not, will die 😂😅😂🕷️🤟 xD

  7. It's too bad the game itself is straight garbage. And no, updates have not made it better – the foundations of the game are shit. I say this, because I was super bummed and was excited for it back in the day. Also, why the fuck does Peter Parker act more like Star-Lord than Peter Parker?

  8. Dude why is spider-man so tall in this game. He’s taller than cap and bp! Wtf

  9. Did they not give shuri a lot of dialogue or something

  10. I liked the part when Spider-Man talked to his crush Shuri

  11. BP: Do you have a crush on my sister?
    SM: (nervously) No~ Usain Bolts away

  12. Now this is a interracial that we all need

  13. Now we need an interaction between Peter and Shuri in the MCU

  14. Square Enix really pandering to the MCU Peter and Shuri shippers.

  15. Wow, y’all gotta admit, he looks perfect.👌

  16. 0:34
    "DO YOU HAVE A CRUSH on my sister"
    T'challa visibly getting ready to beat spidey into the ground

  17. Spider looking Loki kinda thicc tho 😂😂

  18. As if Black Panther could even touch Spider-Man…

  19. Only thing I don’t like is how tall he is, I think he’s supposed to be like 5’10

  20. Spider-Man’s ass is entirely distracting. 10/10

  21. Spider-Man’s ass is entirely distracting. 10/10

  22. Spidey had a serious growth spurt since I last saw him

  23. No way someone can say his voice actor is a perfect match, 1:56 bro hear how high pitch that’s “Spider-Guy” was oml

  24. this video does seem to tribute to the fact the the MCU spider-man haves a mass case of jungle fever

  25. My god Spider-Man’s dialogue is so cringey and voice actor doesn’t help at all

  26. I fucking hate the captain America of this game

  27. T'Challa: ….Do you have a Crush on my sister?
    Peter:……no.(sweating bullets under the mask)

  28. peter and shuri need to get together so that they can have a child named anansi

  29. I can ship that . Spidri , Shudey, something lol

  30. This Peter is really relatable, being the outsider everyone doesn't have time for and moving on a different wave length.

  31. The one thing that bothers me about this Spider-Man is why is he so damn tall?

  32. "do you have a crush on my sister?"
    runs away

  33. T'Challa: Do you have a crush on my sister?
    Spider-Man: no runs away

  34. Disliked just because the title of the video doesn't even occur until the last 30 seconds. I came here for shuri and shuri only, this is dang near false advertisement 😤

  35. Do you have a crush on my sistah ?
    "Black Panther asked calmly"

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