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Spider-Man: Top 10 Secrets & Easter Eggs

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Spider-Man (PS4) is filled with awesome secrets, references, and Easter Eggs – almost too many to count! Here are our favorites.
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  1. Can I know what will happen when you scan the QR code in the side mission 'Internet Famous'?

  2. Madie left him for his own brother😭🥺

  3. In the credits if i remember clearly. There was a easter egg reference in the credits of a Gta Character from Gta 4

  4. At the part where MJ looks around Norman's Lab, if you press R3 (the joystick) it will sense around the things you need to take a look at and those things have a yellow aura around it right? Well get this: In a spider cage, the spiders had a yellow aura around them too, hinting they will have an important role (later in the game, Miles gets bit by that spider) it's a minor detail but cool

  5. I was playing on my friends account because I don’t have a ps4 yet and he got all of the towers and thought they were story missions

  6. cant watch these videos for more than a minute. the guy is painfully annoying.

  7. The Roman and Nico one is glitches sin my game I can go into the room in front of their faces with no textures

  8. Love the Easter egg hunt actually just started playing the game but I would like to say GTA San Andreas to me is the best…. And Niko bellic that's number two

  9. Stan Lee is featured in the game 🙂

  10. I saw the ghostbusters fire house in the game.

  11. You forgot about when you finish the game if you go back to that same spot there's a gravestone for Aunt May

  12. On the social media thing one of the "tweets" says "did you see the new insomniac game"

  13. At the Halloween Party Delson Rowe Is In The Background

  14. Also the little " find out Yuris b-day" is cool

  15. Has anyone else seen the insomniac express bus line

  16. Ya apparently maddie and the guy we’re dating for like 5 years and she started cheating on him with his brother and ya you know the rest

  17. I was at level 38 and got ahead in the game too fast. The crime token places disappeared and now I can’t get them. All these prisoners got free and it ruined my level of play I don’t know how to go back in the game

  18. I'm surprised they didn't put the Fantastic Four tower also, I mean I didn't find it, anyone else?

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