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Spider-Man: Top 10 Secrets & Easter Eggs

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Spider-Man (PS4) is filled with awesome secrets, references, and Easter Eggs – almost too many to count! Here are our favorites.
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  1. Imagine managing to get an Easter egg dedicated to the girl you love included in a AAA game, and she fucking leaves you. I feel so bad for that guy…

  2. No. 5 Addition SPOILER! When aunt May dies at the end of the game her grave is placed next to Bens. Make sure you pay your respects and get a trophy too. 😀

  3. Spoiler

    Aunt mays grave appears after completing story cause aunt may dies in the end her grave appears next to bens grave.

  4. I think the best easter egg is the balloon drawing easter egg referencing the balloon sidequest in the Spiderman 2 game.

    I have so many memories of that sidequest because it wouldnt stop happening and i kept failing it and the cries the kid makes makes you feel so bad

  5. I haven't seen anyone say this one but in the beginning of the game as you go through Fisk tower… There is a point in which you have to do a quick time event that See's you saving people trapped under rubble… I think that one is the nod to how spider man lifted a ton of metal rubble in "The amazing Spiderman- the final chapter"

  6. There's another insomniac Easter Egg were after you stop a hostage and when the geared up cops walk up to the hostages, if you use photo mode and zoom in, there radios it say "Insomniac Radio"

  7. Stan Lee should have been in the graveyard 😢😢😢😢

  8. After the ending next to uncle ben is aunt may

  9. I got the game for Christmas and I have already beaten the main story

  10. During the time when all the prisoners escape from Rykers island at some point when Spider-Man beats up a gang of escapees he’ll say “these guys should scare kids straight one day.” That’s a reference to the TV show Beyond Scared Straight. I don’t know if I’m the only one that noticed but it’s a nice little Easter egg to a really good show.

  11. I just finshed the hole game well the story 🙂
    And i saw some of these secrets at the time its coo, 😀

  12. I love insomniac games. They've always put so much effort and passion into each game they make. We need more developers like them.

  13. 4:40 is So Sad Press F to Pay Respect
    RIP Stan Lee Press F to Pay Respect

  14. You covered your top 10 favorite easter eggs and built up to number one which was a song, and you don't even include it in the video… Take and L from me.

  15. A man on the street will yell "you got some sort of skin condition under that costume or something" as a small reference to Deadpool. I thought that was pretty cool.

  16. This easter eggs are freaking awesome man like i cant believe i missed the niko and Roman one

  17. Would have been amazing if each grave stone had the names of the devs.

    Also, for #10, Insomniac is written on the manhole covers.

  18. Seeing the twin towers in the reflection of a building

  19. Also on the Halloween Easter egg delson from infamous second son

  20. When you beat the game you could go back to the graveyard aunt may grave will be next to Ben's

  21. When you unlock The Vintage Comic book suit 😍

  22. I'm surprised they didn't put the Fantastic Four tower also, I mean I didn't find it, anyone else?

  23. I was at level 38 and got ahead in the game too fast. The crime token places disappeared and now I can’t get them. All these prisoners got free and it ruined my level of play I don’t know how to go back in the game

  24. Ya apparently maddie and the guy we’re dating for like 5 years and she started cheating on him with his brother and ya you know the rest

  25. Has anyone else seen the insomniac express bus line

  26. Also the little " find out Yuris b-day" is cool

  27. At the Halloween Party Delson Rowe Is In The Background

  28. On the social media thing one of the "tweets" says "did you see the new insomniac game"

  29. You forgot about when you finish the game if you go back to that same spot there's a gravestone for Aunt May

  30. I saw the ghostbusters fire house in the game.

  31. Stan Lee is featured in the game 🙂

  32. Love the Easter egg hunt actually just started playing the game but I would like to say GTA San Andreas to me is the best…. And Niko bellic that's number two

  33. The Roman and Nico one is glitches sin my game I can go into the room in front of their faces with no textures

  34. cant watch these videos for more than a minute. the guy is painfully annoying.

  35. I was playing on my friends account because I don’t have a ps4 yet and he got all of the towers and thought they were story missions

  36. At the part where MJ looks around Norman's Lab, if you press R3 (the joystick) it will sense around the things you need to take a look at and those things have a yellow aura around it right? Well get this: In a spider cage, the spiders had a yellow aura around them too, hinting they will have an important role (later in the game, Miles gets bit by that spider) it's a minor detail but cool

  37. In the credits if i remember clearly. There was a easter egg reference in the credits of a Gta Character from Gta 4

  38. Madie left him for his own brother😭🥺

  39. Can I know what will happen when you scan the QR code in the side mission 'Internet Famous'?

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