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Spider Sense Poisoning | Amazing Spider-Man #83

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Amazing Spider-Man #83 – The creator behind the biggest cover in the last decade is going to show you what he can do with one of the biggest Spider-Moments in decades, as Patrick Gleason writes and draws this issue. The Web-Head is facing unbeatable odds again. Can he rise to the occasion and save the day?


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  1. I give props to the writer and artist Patrick Gleason. What a lost to DC his art style is one of the best in the business. I don’t recall him writing any books at DC but it would be cool to see his writing skills grow with his art skill. I almost thought we were about to get a new character like Peter’s spider sense left his body and became it’s own person LoL.

  2. This book reminds us that there is a lot more to explore in the Spider-Man mythology.

  3. I lost all my Marvel Digital Comics after Marvel switched to Comicology. Joel did you have the same issue? I retained my DC digital comics.

  4. Happy New Year Joel, also only in the Marvel Universe can you buy functioning web-shooters on EBay and not look suspicious.

  5. Is it just me or dose it feel like Peter might be dealing with The Other again?

  6. As someone who’s mother takes physical therapy? It genuinely does take a lot of effort and motivation to continue. It made me smile to see them include that.

  7. Happy New Year I have a question whatever happened to Kaine Parker?

  8. I was actually wondering if Peter ever really left the hospital.

  9. Happy new years everyone!!
    I really like the art for this one. I always do but this one looks… different. I do like how we get more development on whats going on with peter. How long has he been in the hospital? Cuz it feels like hes getting better fast asf for a guy who took a mini nuke to the face.

    I think the webbing representation of Spidey is kinda hitting on that creepy side of Spidey. Like how man spider, the other, etc, were.

    I also like the lil bit with Ben in there. It was cool getting to know more bout Kid-er Parker.

  10. I am just happy Spider-Man beyond is ending this march.

  11. I think the "sunken spider" is the representation of what Spider-man means to Peter/his inner self. Remember in the 90s show when the red and blue costume was trying to pull Pete away from the symbiote in the dream he had? Like that.

  12. Here’s a thought: I wonder if the combination of Peter being killed multiple times by kindred in Last Rights and now Beyond bring Ben back to life has
    Inadvertently resurrected the entity known as “the other”from JMS’ run. The other also returned after Kaine was healed/ revived during “ Spider Island “, and it pursued him in his own solo Scarlet Spider book. Every time the other is involved, Peter, Ben or Kaine all have visions and their powers are amplified, or outright changed, significantly.

  13. Also i think you meant to say Patrick Gleason not Brendan Gleason just wanted to let you know.

  14. 3:59 Plot twist: That's not actually a Spider-Man Web Monster IT'S ACUTALLY Bizarnge from the Amalgam Universe trying to claw his way back into relevance!

  15. I think this issue was great, Gleason's writing and art were pretty good, it might be my favorite issue in this beyond era

  16. I prefer Ben as a spiderman right now. He's more mature and serious. I feel like the spiderman character need that

  17. Did Marvel forget about Peter's healing factor?

  18. I'm out of the loop but is Web of Spider-Man still a book? If not they should create that book with the sentient web character. It could be a new antihero like Venom.

  19. I feel like Otto is gonna stick them both in a room and spell it out for them cuz he’s not only working to undermine Fisk in Devil’s Reign with his own Superior Four but his going to war with the Beyond Corporation over stealing assets from the company HE BUILT both work really well and I hope to see some great things come from it.

  20. Would’ve been cool if he pulled put some of that Shang-Chi Spider-Island training

  21. I hope Peter is back in action while Devils Reign is going on. Hope he plays a role in the story.

  22. Damn Pete’s doing his New Years workout just like I am

  23. That all web spider_man reminds me of spirit spider also wait second just about anybody can by web shooters on ebay in the marvel universe?😂

  24. Gotta love how they throw Bens stuff under the bus here. His web shooters were actually more intricate designed then Peters. They had way more functions despite being lower budget, so much so that Peter integrated their designs into his after he and Ben became brothers.
    I'm not happy with how they desperatly try to make Ben the US-Agent of the Spider-Man extended family. Not one bit.

  25. Not all battles are against supervillains. With help and encouragement, Peter Parker will make it past this current challenge. As for that Sunken Spider Image, does anyone know the exact location of Ezekiel Sims? O.O

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