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Spiderman PS4 – Final Fight Versus Mister Negative

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The second & final boss fight against Martin Li (Mr. Negative) in Spider-Man for the PS4. Please note that by “final fight” I mean that this is the last time you battle Martin Li. Not the actual final boss of the game.


  1. Why is Mister Negitive always negative? Why can't he ever just be positive?

  2. I was always confused about his power set. How exactly do his powers work to create that thing in the thumbnail

  3. Li: You don't help people. You use them."
    He's not wrong.

  4. When a bug does not listen you got to squash it like my guy Otto becomes one punch man or Benjy fish at fornite

  5. I remember taking over 3 times until I was able to beat him
    The second time I played the game I broke him like a piece of cardboard
    Edit: Good Job Beating Martin li in his final form is hard

  6. Feels like fighting a Kingdom Hearts villain Xemnes or Xehanort.

  7. Wait so mj could have turned into spider woman?

  8. Mr Negative wasn't to positive if He was going to defeat Spider-Man

  9. Is it just me or does Martin's demon kinda look like Aku from samurai Jack

  10. Could be worse you could fight this guy in a tank and as soon as it's destroyed he goes down in one hit

  11. This doesnt feel like spidey.

    he doesnt shoot webs that much

    or am i blind

  12. One question, why did mr negative wear only suit when he had super powers also.

  13. Am I the one who thinks this boss fight harder than the Otto fight

    Edit: ofc Ottos fight was the coolest

  14. Game deloper olso ned to make iron man game

  15. What a noob… Daam I reported this is unintrested

  16. So when Dr Octavias hits him, he dies? That's lame, I wanted to see a redemption >.<

  17. You a bad ass brother you can’t beat him like this😡

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