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Spiderman PS4 – Meeting Mister Negative + Boss Fight

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A complete playthrough for the “The One That Got Away.” mission in Marvel’s Spiderman for the PS4. In this mission Spiderman and MJ finally catch up to Martin Li, a.k.a. “Mr. Negative”

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  1. 6:03
    “Can’t let him see me”
    *prodeeds to throw a trash can across the hallway

  2. 10:19
    Don't they have anyone who speak fluent Chinese… Naturally? The accent is off, waayy to off

  3. 12:12 so there is no failed mission cutscene in the game after you were spotted by the demons when you are playing as Spider-man in this level?

  4. I wish we could explore the interior of GCT and all of the other story missions

  5. Anyone who thinks Mr. Negative is actually a Hero

  6. Peter/spiderman:sorry I'm late it's kinda my thing
    Me:yeah I can tell your late for your house rent

  7. I just dfetid le so so so so so so so cool big demen

  8. the way u played when fighting the demons gave me an anurism

  9. 00:57 wonder if miles will use that tech to be invisible in the next game

  10. 22:38 Spider-Man:"I dont want to hurt you anymore!"
    (6 seconds later)
    22:44 Spider-Man:(Literaly punches Martin Li)
    Me: lol lmao 😭😂😂😂

  11. Now i finally know whaat raft is.. I see it all the time from near the ocean in the game wjile thwiping around

  12. Having playable mj is the stupidest thing ever

  13. Easter egg… Miles camouflage ability shown in the demo is present in this video when mary jane interacts with the oscorp display

  14. Bro is people going to be playing this game on the PS5 because I’m not I know a lot of people who is going to be playing the game I’m not

  15. Anyone else looked at Li when inverted Colours were on? And how weird he looks…

  16. The guy who’s playing isn’t very good on timing lol spamming dodge and still getting hit

  17. 15:58 that dude with the sword had spider sense too he like friggn dodge all the webs

  18. This gameplay is a bit frustrating to watch

  19. lmao I know they used google translate for this, the Chinese here is so unatural xd

  20. Spider-Man: They still doing construction on 42nd and 1st?
    Yuri: Yeah, streets closed for another month, why?
    Spider-Man: very loud obnoxious grunting

  21. “I can’t let them see me” proceeds to YEET trash can across the room

  22. I watched this with the inverted colour filter and it was weird to say the least.

  23. lol in dis part i was wearing the punk suit LOL!

  24. Sfdxgbbxxd💃🏼💃🏼🏋🏼🚷🚷🚯🚳🚱📵🌠👗

  25. I ´ m at the level to escape from Rhino 🦏🤣🤣

  26. Ok this game is awesome but wow that is THE most copied and unoriginal enemy. Exact same color scheme as taken, almost the same attacks as taken, he can even literally take his companions for himself just like the taken. Come on man, you could have at least pretended to try

  27. I have a slight feeling that this villain was created because of someone's obsession of the Mr. Men

  28. PS4, Spiderman 🕷️🦂🦅🦏⬜🟦⬛🟥🕸️🦸🎮🧫🧪🧬

  29. I wish that Mr.Negative was the main villain of this game,he really deserved it

  30. Mister Negative: Finally.
    Spider man: Sorry I'm late — It's kinda my thing.

  31. martin li soy yo erika mi enamorado carsames contingo matrimonio boda inglesia mala malo cara lindo fotos novia esposos

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