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Spiderman PS4 – Miles’ Escape from Rhino

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Miles escapes from Rhino & Scorpion in Spider-Man for the PS4.

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  1. Omega Super sayn god ultra instinct bob Ross says:

    I HATE C H A S E O F G O O S E

  2. Playing this mission scared the shit out of me, and made me feel like I was actually in that situation.

  3. When I got to this part, oh man, I got so tensed up… and in my game it took me only a few seconds to find that passageway on 8:27

  4. Thug: Is someone there? Miles is literally a couple of meters away, in plain sight.
    Thug: Guess it was my imagination.

  5. Rhino – all brawn no brains.
    Scorpion – sinister and merciless as a Scorpion can me.

  6. If this is your gameplay you are about as dumb as the AI in the game

  7. “It is chase of goose!


    I love this line lol

  8. 6:56 this reminds when batman had to hide from Bane in that boss fight.

  9. F.E.A.S.T: needs an incredible amount of antibiotics
    Miles: grabs three bottles of amoxicillin

  10. Miles: super badass escape
    Me: crys in corner hoping everyone will go away

  11. I hate stealth missions so dang much in any game but this is actually cool and terrifying

  12. I love the way that miles actually survived that because he is my favourite character

  13. Man, scorpion and rhino are almost identical to bebop and rocksteady from teenage mutant ninja turtles who agrees

  14. Tt. Twice I will be home by then I will be home 🏡 morning I will be home. Bts was a good morning morning I will be home by then I will will get home I can drop by then will be home by then I will be home by then I will be home by then I will be home by then I will be

  15. Lets be honest

    Spider man could of done that in like half the time.

  16. Again nothing wrong with these missions they're just so fucking slow

  17. Well now that Insomniac just released the Trailer for Spider-Man Miles Morales I wonder if we will have a Boss battle between him and Rhino.
    Edit: Kinda want Miles Main Villain to be Dr.Doom or Taskmaster just saying

  18. " It is chase of goose!

    I love this line lol

  19. Of course the giant buff villain is Russian

  20. 2 things we learned:
    1: It is chase of goose
    2: Rhino hates chase of goose

  21. And now i will be fighting him!

  22. Fast forward a few years and now Miles is wiping the floor with Rhino

  23. I hate this stealth mission but it is pretty cool

  24. Oh god you almost get spooted by the prisoners 😱

  25. cool!

    funny you did fast forward and jumpcut both

    nice vid

  26. This was so cool and scary but yet funny for me. Every time I escaped him I said bye fat ass but then he bashed trough and then change my mind

  27. Love or hate the ‘human’ stealth missions in this you gotta admit this is freaking terrifying

  28. It’s funny that rhinos eyes are blue and he’s a bad guy

  29. Moral : Video games teach us to ups and downs of the life

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