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Spiderman PS4 – Scorpion Poisons Spider-Man

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Scorpion Poisons Spider-Man and he starts hallucinating in Marvel’s Spiderman for the PS4.

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  1. I can never fiqure them out might be cuz im either fukking retarded or im drunk ya ima mix the to and thts the reason

  2. This hallucination is odly similar to Dyinglight when jade is about to turn

  3. This is taken directly from arkham city where you follow r'as al ghul without touching anything when gliding

  4. There's been leaks that Mysterio will be in the next game, so we might get another mission like this one.

  5. Why couldn't they save this type of scene to the next game for Mysterio if he's gonna be in the second one

  6. Lvl29? I had already done all the sidequests and reached Lvl50 by that time!

  7. Scorpion is awesome villain.

  8. So Scorpion's tail's poison is the Spiderman equivalent to Scarecrow's fear toxin.

  9. This would make more sense if it was Mysterio instead of Scorpion

  10. This has got to be the most extreme game of "The Floor is Lava" ever.

  11. reminds me of when scarescrow detonates the cloudburst

  12. Does anyone not feel this pays a nice homage to Spider-Man 2000? 

    The fog/lava made it a throwback for me personally!

  13. I'm stuck in a death loop in this mission :/

  14. No Spiderman 2000 players here haha? The iconic first level that had the streets filled with poison.

  15. This type of shit would of been great for Mysterio lol

  16. Its not how am i calling its am i calling you , spooky

  17. this game is so good, i dont need miles version. not that i hate miles, im just into classic/og spiderman which is peter parker.

  18. why do so many spider man villains like green? Vulture, Scorpion, Green Goblin, Lizard, Sandman, Doc Ock, Mysterio and even Electro are green. Why green?!

  19. 9:13 What’s upsetting here is that, this is happening in Peters mind. He sold ideas to Oscorp. We don’t know when, but we know he did. This is confirmed later in the game before the final boss fight when Otto claims Norman “Stole my ideas”, when really it was Peter who’s sold them to Norman

  20. Scientist playing this game: understandable

    Players: visible confusion

  21. I swear to god they done this same exact thing before in Arkham Origins.

  22. "Antidote made, and I'm naked! So that's fun. Good touch!"

  23. This gotta be the BEST character design for Scorpion ever!

  24. Well, this isn’t like Arkham Knight at all…

  25. Is scorpion really calling him or someone else

  26. This scene would of been better if insted of scorpion it was mysterio

  27. Its just felt like it was the end of new york

  28. Imagine what this looks like, but out of bounds. Thinking about that scares me, and I don't know why.

  29. Scorpion holoconation Vs scarescow holoconation marvel's Vs DC comics VILLIANS

  30. Scarecrow from the batman games +perfect chaos from sonic adventure = this 😎

  31. I’m confused because on my game it does not have this puzzle

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