Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Halloween Costumes 2018 -

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Halloween Costumes 2018

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It’s that time where we bring the fright to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with Halloween costumes to spice up your night. We have a cyclops for Abigail, shinigami for Falke, witch for Kolin, and zombie for Guile.

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  1. Haha 4 dollars each! I should pirate this game and mod the costumes myself

  2. Finally i can get my hands on the gill costume thank u capcom

  3. I was waiting for Sakura and Ibuki Halloween costume :'v

  4. This game is another costume pack short of being DOA5. Honestly prefer street fighter 4’s business model.

  5. I had so much respect for you guys. This game got so dumb.

  6. A i really like there costumes alot honestly

  7. I just love the anti dlc folks, they don't quit… "waaaaa, waaa, cashcom does it again, waaaaa…. why do they keep making cool content i actually like, but can't have because i have stupid principles that prevent me from buying something i like because EVERYTHING i like should be free to me!" Just stop with the crying already. Please. STFU.

  8. Abigail = Eyebigail
    Guile = Ghoul

    …I can't think of any alternate spook names for Kolin and Falke that fit with their costumes though.

  9. Holy shit capcom are a bunch of money grubbing whores! All they do is put out expensive ass DLC that's WAAAAYYYY overpriced!

  10. halloween costumes always are the best, we know that from ultra street fighter 4

  11. It’s just that……after Halloween (one day) your costume looks dated/generic. It’s like buying the Christmas costume bundle and playing all summer….just looks outta place afterwards. The gill costume doesn’t count! Abigail only has one. Guile’s could possibly be used year round (zombie) but I cannot see the rest

  12. That Abigail is a straight Worldender copy. I love it.

  13. Guile's a zombie, so…now he's just like default Nash? Haha.

  14. They even decorated the stage,nicely done…shame it's so pricey.Kolin and Falke costumes are spot on.

  15. Is it weird that Cyclops Abigail is more pleasing to the eye than his base appearance?

  16. This is so expensive. 3.99 for a stupid costume?

  17. This is so expensive. 3.99 for a stupid costume? This is why I stopped playing sfv. It seems like you have to pay for everything to fully enjoy the game.

  18. Street fighter is beginning to be like DOA with all these overpriced costume packs. Just give it to us for free it was an incomplete game to begin with anyway.

  19. They made a mistake with Urien at 1:07, they're showing his Gill costume instead of his Donovan one!!

  20. Also it would be cool to have Abigail's eye to express emotion like widen out when being punched and curling on the sides when laughing

  21. why no sakura? and no that cpt costume was trash.

  22. Are theese time limited like last year? Anyone if and when they will be gone? Student here , this month is rough lol – can't let Falke slip thru my fingers tho ><

  23. I thought Abigail was going to be a bigfoot.

  24. CMON guys, EVIL RYU AND ONI???????????????????

  25. Where my boy akuma? He needs a costume! Oh wait. He’s already a costume scince he looks nothing like the original! (Btw no hate to akuma he’s one of my fav sf characters)

  26. Why do i feel like zombie guile is something I always wanted

  27. I love Falke and Kolin's new outfits! They're my favorite characters too!😍

  28. Why is this bundle not in the Steam store? WTH?

  29. Kolin, Falke and Abigail have got Better Halloween Costumes!

  30. Hey there to all of you Street Fighter fans out there! Happy (Late) Halloween! Hope y'all are doing OK and being safe from the COVID19 Pandemic this year in 2020 on Halloween 5 days ago! Y'all take of yourselves out there! Love you guys! 😊😁😀😉😄💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃💀👻🐱🕷🕸🎃

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