Stronghold Halloween Update: Sir William's Revenge (2018) -

Stronghold Halloween Update: Sir William’s Revenge (2018)

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Rest in peace Nick… Today our Marketing Manager sacrifices himself to bring you Halloween updates for three separate Stronghold games!

Celebrating this most unhallowed time of year your peasants have been cursed in Stronghold Crusader 2, Stronghold Legends and Stronghold 2. In Crusader 2 they are reduced to little more than dust and bones until All Hallows’ Eve, these lifeless subjects wandering decrepit castles in a dire state of disrepair. Tomb stones, rotting pumpkins, cobwebs and more adorn once magnificent castle structures, along with corrupt colours and unholy flames in the workshops of your medieval minions.

The return of the Stronghold Halloween Update and corruption of Sir William also means the curse once again falls on our Steam Edition games! Terrify your workers with horrifically impractical and yet somehow perfectly balanced pumpkin-head peasants or purge them from your castle with green wildfire. Keep them working to fight back against the curse or cower and wait for the horror to pass after Halloween has ended.

Our Stronghold Halloween updates are now available on Steam for players with the latest versions of Stronghold Crusader 2, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition and Stronghold Legends: Steam Edition. This event will last for one week with the above cosmetic changes in place until November 1st. After this the curse will fall, your peasants returning to normal, fire returning to its natural non-demonic colours and castles restored to their former splendour. Any maps added to the game for this event will however remain available via the games’ Steam Workshop page.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. noticed the pumpkin heads and green fire in Stonghold 2 in today's update

  2. Press F to show your respects.

  3. Can we have a nick jumpscare apearing in stronghold while playing?

    R.I.P Nick btw

  4. Should've been Stronghold 3 for maximum horrors.

  5. I thought the spookiest part of that video was when Nick's shirt changed between shots!

  6. If wanted to see something creepy i would play sh3

  7. Видео смешное, а ситуация страшная

  8. Играю в ваши игры Stronghold почти всю жизнь. С детства познакомился с первой частью, и понеслось. Прошло уже более 10 лет!!! А игра так и тянет поиграть. И играю до сих пор. Давно подсадил всех друзей и семью на эту игру. Спасибо вам за лучшие игры в моей жизни

  9. Nick better be in the next video :<

  10. Not our Nick, Aaron you monster! Now we'll never get those killer sales again

  11. AWESOME! Well done and thank you so much for making updates! 😀

  12. Why did Nick change his pants? Btw, blue is always better!

  13. Stronghold Kingdoms halloween up ples

  14. Nick switched T-Shirts randomly in the clips?! Also i would love some more (earlier) tense background music and some more colour grading for the horror feeling ^^
    else: nice plot and nice execution!

  15. Next year make change day too night pls 😉

  16. Quick question about Stronghold 2 Steam Edition: Does anyone know why about 99% of all online games are password protected now? It didn't use to be like that just a few months ago when I was still playing it regularly. What exactly caused this? Did people find cheats for the game or something? It's just super weird that you can almost never find an open-for-all game all of a sudden.

  17. This really surprised me yesterday when I started playing Stronghold Crusader 2

  18. Fuck yeah guys that’s why we fucking love you all

  19. Description
    Stronghold legends
    Yes youtube Crusader 2 has dragons and vampires.

  20. dear @fireflyworlds , i will be at army for 6 months, when i come back in May, it will be Stronghold Next here? 🙂 i love Stronghold m'lord !

  21. В новой Stronghold Next Было бы классно сделать прокачку своего персонажа. Знаете что то от MMORPG. С разными ветками прокачки.Допустим получать опыт в бою, и повышать уровень. 1 уровень – 1 очко умения. А сами умения могут быть самыми разными. Например нацеленные на экономику, или наоборот войну, усиление Войнов, или дешевле ресурсы и т.д ( миллион возможностей )
    Прокачиваешь уровень, и получаешь небольшое превосходство над врагом. Просто хочу видеть игру новой, современной стратегией

  22. @Fireflyworlds Pls add creepy cosmetic on Stronghold Crusader

  23. Does it means that we will not get Mega QA 5?!

  24. Im sorry but
    I want peasants in Dinosaurs costumes in Next
    I don't care, i wanna rule kingdoms of… Next with Dinosaurs
    For the gloory of Next.

  25. Обновление сделано на отъебись….
    Как и последующие части после Stronghold Legends

  26. Please make a Stronghold Legend part 2 game this year. When will the game arrive

  27. hmm… My boss is stuck in a video game

    Looks at cord

    This is for not giving Me a raise

    pulls plug

    Portal opens

    Boss: THANKYOU

    Me: your… "welcome"..

    Boss: how did you get Me out?

    Me: Do You really want to know

    Boss: You pulled the plug didnt you

    Me: yup

    Boss: *Sigh

  28. Президентов так надо поближе к народу закидывать

  29. Has anyone else noticed the monitor power button stayed Yellow despite cutting the power? Spooky 🤔

  30. Wow really, thats what you guys come out with? How about an actual expansion with new mechanics or units. That would be something I would pay for this game.

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