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[TF2] Scream Fortress 2018: Halloween Workshop Showcase

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Thanks for watching, [TF2] Scream Fortress 2018: Halloween Workshop Showcase.
We still have no confirmation of the release date of Scream Fortress 2018, hopefully it will be out this month.

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  1. These are sooo cool. Hope they all get added

  2. Yo red I think the tf2 team should pick people from the community to help them we need people who know what can be done better just my opinion

  3. The Music is so loud, might as well play sanic ear rape.

  4. There was a really cool Unusual Taunt effect that was the Cloudy Moon and Harvest Moon unusual effect that made the floor foggy and had a larger Moon and such. Imagine combining that with a hat that has that effect.

  5. 3:51 Head Of The Dead kinda reminds me of the Hollows in Bleach.

  6. My ratings for each item are as followed
    (Quick Guide:)
    (1 What were you even doing?)
    (2-3 Bad. (2 being low-end bad, 3 being high-end bad))
    (4-6 Average (4 being below average, 5 being just average, 6 being above average))
    (7-8 Good (7 being low-end good, 8 being high-end good.))
    (9 Really Good.)
    (10 Absolutely Amazing.)

    The Ill-Gotten Chains provide a nice item to fill the criminally underdone niche of jewellery in TF2. The models are nice, big and fit TF2's style really well. 8/10

    Davy Jones' Locks is really nice and I'm glad they went for something different than just another pirate hat. Though in the same breath, it is just another pirate hat for Demo. 7/10

    Gourd Garnished is a cute warpaint though I'd say it's almost too cartoony for TF2's style, it lacks that extra touch that helps identify it as TF2. I cannot put my finger on it but something's just missing from the skin and that sets it back. 3/10

    The Vampire Vanquisher is a quite silly hat that again, I think looks really well and fits TF2's style nicely. The Conan reference is a nice touch too. 8/10

    The Uber Reaction is quite frankly, hilarious and something I'm surprised Valve never added to the game themselves. That being said I could see people mistaking the soot for a Spy's mask and it isn't particularly groundbreaking. 7/10

    The Cap O' Lantern is a nice change of pace from the rest of the cap cosmetics in the game and looks like one I'd probably actually wear. 7/10

    The Cold Mind is absolutely awesome, I love the aesthetic and it'd look great on Sniper or Engie. 9/10

    The Bucket 'o Bolts is… okay, it definitely fits TF2's style and is certainly silly and cartoony enough to fit the game, but I feel like this is just kind of the robo-hat version of the cardboard box Soldier set. 5/10

    The Can of Hero is a nice looking helmet for the Pyro, though considering its name, the style of the front and Blizzard's sue-happy tendencies, I doubt it'd be added anyways. 8/8 Would Genji Again M8.

    The Boston Watch is a great looking cosmetic and something different from the rest of the Scout's jacket cosmetics, giving him more of a trenchcoat. I could see this working really well with either The Cold Mind from earlier or a Team Spirit Fed-Fightin' Fedora. 9/10

    The Pilot Lighter is absolutely awesome, I love the Tiny Texan for Engineer and think adding more cosmetics like that would definitely be a fun addition to the game. 9/10

    The Head of the Dead is another awesome cosmetic, I like the Day of the Dead theming and think this would go really well for a Pybro hanging out with an Engineer wearing the Corpus Christi Cranium. 9/10

    The Charred Charro I presume is to go with the Head of the Dead and it looks just as good, as well as being applicable to more sets than just the one it was shipped with. 8/10

    The Marinated Mind is an interesting cosmetic, I don't really have much to say other than I would be concerned about it screwing with the character's silhouette but stuff like the Banana Hat and Beep Man already prove Valve doesn't care about character silhouette. It'd also be pretty funny to watch clueless snipers try to shoot the brain. 7/10

    The Hot-Headed Hammerhead is really funny and we could definitely use more Pyroshark cosmetics. 9/10

    The Wrinkled Rifleman is a nice Metal Gear Solid reference but I'm afraid that's not really enough in my opinion. 4/10

    The Teddy Wear is completely horrifying, I would be running for the hills whenever I saw that thing. That eing said it does just look like someone ripped the Teddy Rosevelt cosmetic's head and just put it on Engie. 6/10

    Spectral Shimmered is a really nice warpaint that manages to fit into the game pretty well, I don't have much else to say about it. 8/10

    The Pyro Shark is the Hot-Headed Hammerhead but on a whole new level. I cannot imagine how much fun this would be to use in conjuction with the other shark cosmetics and the smug little grin just encaspulates how playing Pyro feels. 10/10.

    The Heavy Machinery MK2 is again, absolutely terrifying, but unlike the Teddy Wear, I feel like this was more than just a slightly edited model port. 10/10.

    The Cursed Evil Stump is absolutely amazing, I love the aesthetic and the ethereal glow that I would hope would be paintable. 10/10.

    The Specialist is a cute reference and unlike the Wrinkled Rifleman is more than just a bit of grey hair on the Medic. 8/10

    Jacked has the same issue as Gourd Garnished but on not as extreme of a level. 4/10.

    Synth Waves is absolutely beautiful and I love the almost magical looking visual it gives off. 9/10.

    Leaf Storm is a wonderful unusual effect and one I'd particularly like to see to help calm the effects down a bit. 9/10

    Toxic Bubbles are, okay, it kind of looks a bit gaudy to me but I usually prefer tamer and less big and in-your-face unusual effects. 6/10.

    Constellation Moonlight is absolutely beautiful and is a nice take on the moon unusuals 9/10

    Blood Moon is also really nice, fitting with the creepy theme of the update well 9/10

    Shocking is absolutely awesome, I would love to have this effect on a wrench or knife. 10/10

    Voodoo Haze is another really cool unusual effect, I like the colour scheme mixed with the subtle skull in the background. It's not particularly over-the-top either. 10/10.

    Magical and Cursed are both really cool unusuals, I would want these on just about anything. 10/10

    Lunar Mists is the Blood Moon effect but a little bit lighter, but I like it all the same though I think it could be scaled down a bit. 9/10.

    The Elemental Ring effect is surprisingly nice looking, Could work really well on a hat that needs a "Halo" effect on it to finish a set. 9/10

    Witching Hour is a cute and unique take on the Moon effects. 9/10.

    Bad Mann is a hilarious reference and would definitely help anyone who feels bad (mann). 9/10 – Just wait until TF2 becomes a hate symbol.

    The Blackbeard is an absolutely awesome beard for Demo and really helps the set feel complete but could be applied to anything. 10/10

    The Sailor's Moon is another good take on the Moon effect and would look really well on any pirate or sailor themed hat. 9/10

    Snake Eyes is really cool, I like the less flashy nature and think we could use more snakes in TF2. 10/10.

    The Tentacles From wherever effect is a good theme but I think executed poorly, primarily the scale of it turns it from a cool effect to one that's just gaudy looking. 4/10

    Nickelsmart the Clown is a cute cosmetic for Spy that is a reference I'm surprised TF2 hasn't made yet. 8/10.

    The Aqua-Arium is… weird, really weird, but a good kind of weird. 9/10.

    The Walking Firewood is a cute hat for Pyro that fits the class's more feminine side. 9/10.

    Horror Holiday is a really cool warpaint and the pumpkins actually fit TF2's style pretty nicely. 8/10.

    The Bushman's Blowgun is a really cool weapon for Sniper and I'm disappointed it wasn't added to Jungle Inferno. 10/10.

    Burns the Witch hits all the marks for a Witch's hat for me, I love the sloped brim, the belt around the top of the brim and the curl before the point. 10/10.

    Life Release is a really cool unusual and one that is quite subtle compared to its peers, plain and simple – I like it. 10/10

    The Fireturner's Veil is another hthing that should'ved been added to Jungle Inferno. 10/10

    Eerie Burning Flames is the Burning Flames effect but better. 10/10 – I need it.

  7. Man, finally kind of video I was searching for.

  8. And then valve didn't release the update cuz they're too lazy, the end.

  9. So is this technically going to be the 10th anniversary of Scream Fortress?

  10. Boston Watch looks amazing. Screw Halloween, I wanna wear that all the time.

  11. I think I actually voted for Blood Moon/Lunar Mists ages ago.

  12. Just found your channel, didn't think you were a YouTuber until now.

  13. Hey, could you change the title so that we don't think that it's scream fortress 2018

  14. The gourd head for spy has to be added
    It just has to

  15. Omfg i need to break my piggy bank now!
    😀 i am so excited for this update!!!


  17. Cold mind, can of hero, boston watch, head of the dead, charred charro, wrinkled rifleman, pyro shark, leaf storm, lunar mists, sailor's moon, aqua-arium looks cool. Synthwaves and bushman's blowgyn are epic! New burning flames?

  18. I want it allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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