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[TF2/Splatoon GMOD] Mutated Burga Unleashed (GMOD Halloween 2018)

Alex Spider [スパイダー]
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I present to you, my GMOD Halloween video 2018! My old Freak fortress character, Mutated Burga, has returned; until he meets Inkura to hunt her down.

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Music Used:
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Music – Treacherous Mansion
Luigi’s Mansion OST – Mini-Games
Luigi’s Mansion OST – Bogmire Battle
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Music – Mission Results
Luigi’s Mansion Music – Good Night

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  1. ALIEN AKUMANIA 🌑🌤️[TF2/Splatoon GDOM] 🌤️🌑

  2. MUTATED BURGA🌑🌤️ (TF2/Splatoon GMOD)🌑🌤️

  3. So… Painis cupcake's deranged and ubered brother? Nice!

  4. Strawberry Cow edit memes go home at school says:

    Alex spider splatoon 2

  5. No lo tomes a mal pero creó que deberías comprarle pañales a inkura
    todo salió bien al final bueno casi

  6. Plot twist: he wants that hat and he killed heavy because he had no hat

  7. 超級無敵怕貓叫聲的校草學長 says:

    0:50 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh terror ghost come in for us scoob better run

  8. King boo: well, that’s a first.
    Boo in clip: win-win don’t you think?
    Edit: Inkura screamed hard enough to pass out.

  9. poor inkura she just wanted to live a normal life

  10. 3:12啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 手電筒的光好刺眼啊 (嚇到暈倒)

  11. Injure:O_O

  12. "-" inner self in Grove has by herself and she got a big monster catching her the whole time. !_!

  13. Alex spider quiero que as una pelea de de fnaf vs los pulpos

  14. Enjoy halloween, mortals! Merasmus is here

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