The 12 Video Games that will Define 2018 -

The 12 Video Games that will Define 2018

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The 12 Video Games that will Define 2018 for PC, PS4 PRO, XBOX ONE X

Get List of upcoming video games in 2018 (PS4 , XBOX ONE , PC). Watch new exclusive games to play only at Online Rockerz channel.

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00.12 – No:12 Detroit become Human
04.04 – No:11 Days Gone
06.10 – No:10 Spider man 2018
09.10 – No:09 Anthem
09.48 – No:08 God of war 4 Be a warrior
12.59 – No:07 scorn
15.30 – No:06 Metro exodus
18.32 – No:05 Beyond good and evil 2
20.55 – No:04 Darksiders 3
22.34 – No:03 Star wars battlefront 2
26.02 – No:02 Red dead redemption 2 (Trailer Link)
26.26 – No:01 Far cry 5


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