The 2018 Gaming Rap Up | #NerdOut | The Best Games of 2018 -

The 2018 Gaming Rap Up | #NerdOut | The Best Games of 2018

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2018 is drawing to a close and so is The 12 Days of NerdOut!
To finish we have our yearly rap up of the best games of 2018!
Let get 10,000 likes for an extended version. Leave a comment below if you can guess what will be included.

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NerdOut are:
NemRaps – Rapper

Ben Schuller – Singer

The8thHawk – Director


Vocals/Lyrics: NemRaps

Instrumental produced by Chuki

Please do not reupload this video without our permission!


  1. I thought the song was ok until 1:17 then i was sold when they had the lil pumps flow from gucci gang :^)

  2. im ready for that anthem verse at the end of the year nem

  3. they forgot super mario odyseey that was pretty big

  4. Can't wait for the 2019 one

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that the more gaming rap up songs they release the worse each song gets

  6. Good thing fortnite died but sad about fallout 76 its a good game but the graphics nahhh

  7. 2018 was a great year for the gamers 😍 2019 is already another great year for the gamers

  8. Dude Roblox was and still the coolest free game.
    Well at roblox there can be some games that are copied for free like:battle fieldV that is phantom forces,rainbow6ages,Fortnite,sims,dongeonquest,arsenal,jailbreak,GtaV,RoGhoul,there are alot of games that you can play with yor selfie and with friends but still if you play Roblox you will enjoy it alot!!! Just give it a try and reply me.😊
    Also hit the like button if you aggre with me.

  9. I everytime miss about 2018😥😥 Good old times

  10. i love this song sorry about my name my friend write it i love this song so so much

  11. I can tell the guy who wrote this only played fortnite

  12. The Line “2019 Will Be Even Greater” Didn’t Age Too Well…

  13. A game has no right to have such a good rap on it jkjk don't take me serious lol

  14. This is the real youtube rewind (for gaming)

  15. Listening towards the end of 2019 hoping for a rap up x

  16. 0:01 Please when you do the 2019 gaming rap up can you introduce the song as “the twenty-nineteen gaming rap up” instead of “the two thousand nineteen gaming rap up”?

  17. I post this comment in 18th of December 2019, and believe me or not, 2019 kinda wasn't a great gaming year, but more like a movie year. Just think at the hype that "Sonic the hedgehog" movie created. Or "Star wars last mandalorian"(sorry if I said it wrong). And so on. And now about the games. Tell me in the comments the games that appeared in 2019, and compare them to the 2018 ones. I wanna change my mind.

  18. Im honestly just ready for that apex legends verse for this year

  19. Sup gamers are you readyyyyyy for 2019GamingRap up heh me to gamers gb g mean good and b bye

  20. 1:18 Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gand Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang

  21. Am I the only one pissed that the trailer for forza horizon 4 was shown, but even in the extended version, wasn’t featured

  22. Back when people didn't complain about everything

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