The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Developer Walkthrough -

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Developer Walkthrough

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Learn all about Activision’s upcoming game, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, from developer Beenox in this walkthrough video featuring never-before-seen footage.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to launch on April 29th for PS4 and PS3. For more information, visit and follow on Facebook at


  1. This was on PS4. Just comes to show how lazy the developers were in making this game after comparing what insomniac did.

  2. Not gonna lie I like this game don't judge me

  3. Unpopular opinion:I enjoyed the game Idc what you think

  4. Am I the only enjoying this? Everyone is so negative about this game as well as the movie too.

  5. After another 6 years the new Spiderman game will be on xbox

  6. I like this game ;-;

  7. Better or worse, they do deserve some credit for their effort ✌👍

  8. This Video doesn't show me like every other "Amazing Spider-Man-Game-Trailer" the only thing I only want to know. IS THIS FOR PS4 OR NOT!?!? I hope this is for PS4 because me and my Parents have not enough Money and now our car get's broken and we must give out much Money😭😭😭. Because of this I hope, that I can buy it on PS4 . Please🙏

  9. هذا حساب مغلق الى ابدا says:

    top worst games spider-man
    1 the amazing spider-man 2
    2 spider-man 3 ps3
    3 spider-man 2 pc
    4 spider-man 2 psp
    5 spider-man Web of shadow psp

  10. In my point this game is average and guys it is developed in 2014 so don't compare it to marvel's spider man which is developed in 2018 and I would like to see another cool spider man game in pc again

  11. I've also played this game, It's really awesome…👌👌👌

  12. He didn't lie .. everything he said about the game was true .. he made the game look great but when you play it you realize it's all a joke

  13. Bro he doesn’t know how to run my guy be jogging

  14. The web rush is pretty cool ngl, but the game is still kinda bad.

  15. Как по мне, игра удалась, в пауке 2018 года тоже есть минусы, и их не мало, и я не считаю игру 2018 года какой то особенной, поэтому эта игра хороша

  16. Tbh, i dont really see this as TASM 2 suit, because it is off in the body shape

  17. Mom can we have Spiderman Remastered?
    No we have Spiderman Remastered at home.
    Spiderman Remastered at home:

  18. What i dont like is that you need to do activity like saving people to stay heroic

  19. Insomniac games: I'm about to end this studio's whole career.

  20. Ngl this could have been the inspiration for the PS4 spider man game like the mechanics

  21. I noticed something!
    The Combat in this game is the same combat as the Previous game, just Slowed Down

  22. I dont what other thinks but I like this game better than Isomanic one or Tasm1…Tasm2 was Perfect for me…The Movie, Game, Suit, City All Was Awesome….I want to tell it takes many years to build this game…may this game is full of mistakes but humans do mistakes….

  23. I have a question?
    What happened to gwen?😐

  24. Can anyone tell me whether this game works on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S or not? And if yes, then how's the performance there??

  25. Only thing that this game has over insomniacs game is the stealth. But now that Miles morales got his own game.. this game ain’t got nothing over insomniac actually. Miles camo and ceiling/wall takedowns just matched this games stealth.

  26. I don’t care how bad in quality this game is I enjoy it and it’s the best spider man game (I’ve played so far

  27. Could you imagine if they had more time on this game. It could have been something great

  28. That’s a Horrible Suit at least they COULD HAVE Been Like a DETAiLED 2 Suit And More WORK That’s Sad I Don’t like the Tone too MUSCULAR I Like it From the Movie that Would Have Been Awesome That’s Too Sad 😢

  29. Pless update amazing spider man 2 game on ps store degital . I want pless help
    Pless pless pless

  30. This was the best Spider-Man game to me, now that insomnia version is out this one pales in comparison in my opinion lol

  31. 𝔒𝔠𝔱𝔲𝔳𝔲𝔰 𝖅𝖎𝖓 says:

    Coming back after 7 years
    Edit: See you all in another 7+ years

  32. I miss fighting the task force I wish they would add that in the new spider man game cuz yep it was very easy to be a menace

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