The Amazing Spider-Man E3 Trailer -

The Amazing Spider-Man E3 Trailer

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Watch the Amazing Spider-Man trailer from E3.

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  1. Who's here after the suit got released in spider man ps4?

  2. Неркин Глок КИРИЛ БАРАНОВ says:

    This game looks like a mod for gta 4

  3. man one of the worlds most worst game ever

  4. we need remaster spider man web of shadows too

  5. Kid: Mom I want Spider-Man on PS4
    Mom: We Have Spider-Man at home
    Spider-man at home:

  6. 87% why did I get this in my recommend?
    2% Why Dubstep bruh?
    1% still better than TASM2
    10% Who's here after hearing Spiderman ps4 and Miles morales ps4?

  7. Thanks YouTube for recommending me a video that came out 8 years ago

  8. The second best Spider-Man game (in my opinion)

  9. تخيل مشاهدة أعضاء فرقة بانقتان وإعجابهم والاستماع إليهم. لا يمكن أن تتصل

  10. Хаха у ящера старый дизайн

  11. Back when the gameplay trailer was really gameplay

  12. Bro are y’all fs y’all put this on yt and y’all play it still but only had it on ps3 and Xbox

  13. we ve can web swing to the sky in these game

  14. Came here after i platinumed this game after 6 years

  15. Yea I no looking for a comment saying ReComMEndaTed 8 years later now I’ll get likes on my comment riGhT

  16. Affan Ali Qureshi Irfan Ali Qureshi- 2810370 says:

    the best game is spider man3

  17. Hubiera quedado excelente con una canción del "The 2nd Law" de MUSE :')

  18. Hello playstation can you make a cd for ps4? please!!!!!

  19. Who just came back from watching the evolution of spider~man games and saw this

  20. I wish they releasing on Xbox One so I can play The Amazing Spider-Man 1 on Xbox console please tell me they release it

  21. Plis playisteiyon soy fan de sus consolas tengo la pc ps1ps2 yps3 me falta la ps4 y ps5

  22. During it's time I'm sure this game performed well Idk whether the mechanics and graphics are worth it now imo the stories interesting though.

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