THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD 60FPS PC] - No Commentary -

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [1080p HD 60FPS PC] – No Commentary

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The Amazing Spider-Man Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full The Amazing Spider-Man Gameplay on PC. This The Amazing Spider-Man Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD 60FPS on PC and will include the full Campaign.


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The Amazing Spider-Man is an open world action-adventure video game, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 movie of the same name. Set a few months after the events of the film, Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy sneak into the restricted areas of Oscorp after hours, where Gwen reveals her suspicions that they may be continuing the cross-species experiments of Dr. Curt Connors, who had become the monstrous Lizard. They are caught by Alistair Smythe, the new Oscorp director, who confirms Gwen’s suspicions, although the cross-species carry a powerful virus and are to be disposed of. However, the cross-species all react to the presence of Peter, a cross-species himself, and break out, infecting all of the scientists, including Smythe and Gwen, in the process. Smythe unleashes his security robots, which are programmed to defend them from cross-species. Peter quickly dons his Spider-Man suit and gets the infected to quarantine, fighting off the robots and destroying the S-01 in the process, but is unable to stop the cross-species and the virus from escaping into the city.

Spider-Man goes to the Beloit Psychiatric Hospital and seeks the help of the incarcerated Connors to develop a cure for the virus. Connors relents, but only if he is returned to the asylum when the crisis is resolved. They set up a laboratory at the apartment of Aunt May’s friend Stan, and begin development of an antidote while keeping in close contact with Gwen and Smythe via webcam. At the same time, Smythe is developing his own “cure” which involves nanobots destroying the host from the inside out. Spider-Man also forms an alliance with Whitney Chang, an investigative reporter who believes Oscorp’s facelift operation is a scam, in unveiling the suspicious activities of Oscorp.

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  1. I like this game because you don’t run out of webs like the Old Spider-Man game and my other reason is you don’t have to be next to buildings to swing and yea it’s cool

  2. Fist fighting looks kinda smoother than the PS4 one

  3. This is one of THE BEST spiderman games ever made!!!!!

    I kinda wish they added this to X box one instead of that trash amazing spiderman 2 game, the graphics are terrible in that game

  4. Omg I remember this I thought it was a good spiderman game

  5. I wish this game was still available 😞

  6. Fun fact: this was the first game i had ever completed fully in my life 😀

  7. The battle and web swinging mechanics are honestly better than the new one

  8. This games graphics looked better when i played it what happened 😂

  9. I like how SPIDER-MAN TASM1 webbing but the bad part of that it’s he webbed the sky

  10. You are just speedrunning the spider man games

  11. I remember getting this game on Christmas for the Xbox 360… Memories man.

  12. I remember playing this on Xbox 360 this game is so excellent only thing they should of done with this game is let spider man swing from buildings,well sure swinging from the sky is cool too. But I think swinging from buildings is better more. And I Also loved all the suits u can unlock in this game. I really loved the Sam Raimi black suit spider man suit in this one its so amazing. I give this game a 4 out of 5 stars it's a Good game, nothing bad about it.

  13. How on earth did you get the game to run this smooth? Seriously. Were you running it on old hardware and software? I'm running on a PC more than capable to eat this game, usage is not even close to 100% but it stutters all over the place with fram drops into the single digit as if there was some real big compatibility issues with it.

  14. this was the first game i ever played, glad it still gets recognition

  15. This was honestly a good game for its time only thing i see wrong with it is the swinging but thats it

  16. first ever spideman game and i cant lie I wish my ps3 still
    worked so I could play it

  17. Can I play this on anything else besides 3ds and pc?

  18. Can someone send me the link to the game for pc, cuz I wanna buy it.

  19. Hi man please you show me a picture of peter parker

  20. The web swinging in this game made no sense but was really fun to swing around the city

  21. does anyone know how to get this on xbox one?

  22. Imagine in 2021 make games with bad graphics and in 2012 they made this masterpiece, imo this games graphics are the best in all the series of TASM like fr.

  23. Other Spiderman games: Villains with Robotic suits, Symbiotes
    The amazing spiderman one: animals are villains

  24. I never really realized how terrible the graphics sre

  25. Whoever voices Peter did a great job. Good balance of not too geeky but still delivers cheesy quips without it sounding too try hardy.

  26. I remember the Christmas of 2012 my dad got me this game and i threw it in my Xbox 360 and playing it for hours

  27. Why does this game look better than the second one

  28. swear the graphics were ten times better than this

  29. broooo the memories of this game, i remember playing it on my ds and xbox 360😭

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