The Amazing Spider-Man (Video Game) Walkthrough - Chapter 12: Where Crawls the Lizard -

The Amazing Spider-Man (Video Game) Walkthrough – Chapter 12: Where Crawls the Lizard

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A walkthrough of The Amazing Spider-Man video game for Xbox 360. This is part 14 and includes all of Chapter 12 titled “Where Crawls the Lizard”. #SpiderMan #Spider-Man

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  1. I wish they remastered it or u could play ps3 games on ps4

  2. To be honest, this game is good for a movie tie in , you gotta admit.

  3. Still waiting for packattack to do Marvel Spider-Man/Spider-Man ps4 walkthrough

  4. To be honest, this game is good for a movie tie in, you gotta admit.

  5. When I was a kid, this game was some real stuff

  6. Do you get it on your phone or your PlayStation?

  7. Bruh I like when he was fighting the first lizard goon and said “I’m not dropping the soap in here”

  8. Ευάγγελος Βενιζέλος says:

    This is one of the best Spider-Man games ever released. I like how the suit was tearing apart after taking damage and how you could see inside the mask while time is slowed down. Those features are the best. Like if you believe they should add these.

  9. I liked the video more because of your gameplay , nice skills man , really aced it👌

  10. The lizard was dumb in this game he's supposed to be able to talk all he did was scream

  11. Fun fact: the chapter name where crawls the lizard is a reference to episode 3 where crawls the lizard of spider-mans first show

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  14. hello how do you record your gameplays on xbox 360

  15. I play this game when im in class 7th this game is a legend game for me ❤❤this game forever😢

  16. When I was little and saw the screenshots for this game and saw the lizard, I was so hyped that I downloaded this game right away. I played for hours trying to find the Lizard but I never did. I never knew how to get to this chapter or what to do.

  17. I remember playing this game on my ps vita when i was younger it was hella fun

  18. who’s watching this after playing miles morales?

  19. من طرف سانجي انه ابن عمي ولقد ماتة أمه الله يرحمها

  20. I personally feel this game was better than the second one

  21. I want this game again 🙁

  22. The thing weird about this game is that it isn't based off the movie

  23. Of course these Spider-Man games aren't as good as the Spider-Man games that we have today but these weren't terrible games. I really wish they would make a third one but that's probably never gonna happen.

  24. After playing ps4 Spiderman I couldn't look at it

  25. Why does Xbox have spider man games Xbox ain’t Sony at all that’s my question?

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