The Best Of J. Jonah Jameson - Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 -

The Best Of J. Jonah Jameson – Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

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In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter’s old boss is still at it, this time with his podcast where he shouts everyone’s ear off complaining about the webbed menace. Here are some of the best excerpts from his hilarious radio show.


  1. thinking with his webshooters
    laying down with cats
    Jameson is on point, do we want to be saved by a furry?

  2. After watching Far from Home, I want to subscribe to The Daily Bugle YouTube channel!

  3. 8:33(That one made me laugh and I thought to myself what the guy's girlfriend would look like in that sexy Spider-man costume)

    9:15-Folks, I've received unsettling reports of Spider-man in our public parks where children play. Apparently…Stalking pigeons, yes wild pigeons you may wonder if he's gone insane a perfectly valid question. But have you heard of the Goliath bird eating Spider, I'll spare you the gory details but it's a spider big enough to devour birds. Now Spider-man sticks to walls like a spider, he jumps like a spider, WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO LIKE A SPIDER!!!(That one made me laugh the hardest, and I said he does whatever a spider can except he has bones, doesn't have any venom, only 4 limbs, his heart does beat and he does feel emotion)

  4. The Alex Jones of the Spiderman universe lol

  5. I'd love to hear him comment on other Superheroes in New York. Why he dislikes them why he supports them. (I imagine anyone whose identity is public and shows restrained like Luke Cage, he's okay with)

    For example The Punisher, I've even written something based on that Idea.

    "My listeners, this may come as a shock but for our regulars but we'll be discussing someone other then Spider-Man. Not just for my sanity, but for the benefit of our beloved city. Today we shall talk about… Frank Castle.

    That's right folks, the Punisher himself.

    Now first of: It's important that we acknowledge the tragedy that led him down the path of a Vigilante.

    For those who know the story, you may sympathize with him as I did.
    No one who volunteers for multiple tours of service in our country's military, whose finally come home, tries to spend a nice afternoon with their family, should see them cut down in front of them by two groups of thugs who didn't have the decency kill each other elsewhere.

    If you woke up months later after witnessing that and found out the ones responsible where still walking around, of course you'd react they way he did. Especially if you had special forces training. Had he simply ended when those deaths where avenged I'd praise him, but he didn't! He's kept the momentum going and has since waged a one many guerrilla war on every crime family in this state and beyond.

    While I may rightfully criticize Spider-Man, he at least knows when to pull his punches from time to time! Frank Castle has no such restraint, or any for that matter! Hardened mobsters who've probably garroted men whilst they where eating lunch have been sent to psych wards after Castle's rampages, and those believe it or not, are the lucky ones, the rest end up in the morgue if there's anything left!

    Many of them may deserve it, but there's fine line between dolling out justice old west style when the system fails and then there's what Castle does. Which I can say without any exaggeration, are borderline warcrimes!
    Because like I said, that's what this is to him, a war! One of his own making, one he surely knows he can't win but is probably more then happy to take as many as he can with him.

    Now Castle if your listening to this. Out of respect for what you've been through and your service… For your own good please turn yourself in. Get help. Otherwise how long until someone else's family is caught in the crossfire?"

  6. Alex Jones wishes he could be half as good as Jamison

  7. Wait till you hear the one he says after you find all the pigeons.
    He thinks your eating them 😂

  8. You know, out of all the characters in this amazing game. The one who I have the most sympathy for is Jared.

  9. Alex Jones hires Jamie from Joe Rogan

  10. Is Jared’s last name Hoffman? Because that’s my personal head canon

  11. I like the one where he talks about how spiderman beats up the mentally ill

  12. what part is where J Jonah reveals he knows Spider-Man listens to his podcast

  13. I love JK Simmons but this version of Jameson is funny and best in this game

  14. " i was naked!!!"

    " Ma'am you have my sympathies"

  15. This dude got me un stitches! I'm playing the game now, and he just went off on why Rhino wasnt in a more secure cell 🤣

  16. When you fail to stop a crime a caller calls JJJ. Then he goes on an epic rant lmao

  17. If Marvel actually put out Jameson's book, I'd read it.

  18. J.J. goes quite whenever Scorpion is brought up.

  19. "What if somehow, a spider gained the powers of a MAN? And he's stalking his prey!? Somewhere, there's a giant web with these POOR PIGEONS stuck in it." I couldn't help but laugh aloud at that one.

  20. the miss who blames spiderman for being a perv has a very high ego and a low knowdlege about a public place and a courtain

  21. JJ is sometimes crazy, but is really a hero.

  22. "HES SWINGING THROUGH THE CITY HOPPED UP ON SMOG" Never change JJJ, never change…

  23. Oh boy imagine if a fight happens in Jamison's recording studio in the next game

  24. He never stops complaining 😂. On my game he came on every 5 minutes when I’m swinging

  25. Eh, crap… I wanted the audio recording to send to my bro, but its in The Heist DLC where Jameson makes fun of The Cat by mentioning Reboots and the role being played by a woman. Was awesome! Ill never be able to find it again…..

  26. 5:21 Admit it that sounds like something spider-man would legitimatly do.

  27. I really hate that sometimes Jameson makes good points

    He even concedes, when the cop calls, that "yeah, Spider-Man did good this time."

    A lot of his other claims are actually well-documented and occur regularly in the real world (escalation of powers, power vacuums, etc.)

    A lot of his claims are nothing more than conspiracy theories, but sometimes he makes a good point

  28. If there was a more secure cell for Rhino

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