The Best Of J. Jonah Jameson - Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 -

The Best Of J. Jonah Jameson – Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

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In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter’s old boss is still at it, this time with his podcast where he shouts everyone’s ear off complaining about the webbed menace. Here are some of the best excerpts from his hilarious radio show.


  1. If there was a more secure cell for Rhino

  2. I really hate that sometimes Jameson makes good points

    He even concedes, when the cop calls, that "yeah, Spider-Man did good this time."

    A lot of his other claims are actually well-documented and occur regularly in the real world (escalation of powers, power vacuums, etc.)

    A lot of his claims are nothing more than conspiracy theories, but sometimes he makes a good point

  3. 5:21 Admit it that sounds like something spider-man would legitimatly do.

  4. Eh, crap… I wanted the audio recording to send to my bro, but its in The Heist DLC where Jameson makes fun of The Cat by mentioning Reboots and the role being played by a woman. Was awesome! Ill never be able to find it again…..

  5. He never stops complaining 😂. On my game he came on every 5 minutes when I’m swinging

  6. Oh boy imagine if a fight happens in Jamison's recording studio in the next game

  7. "HES SWINGING THROUGH THE CITY HOPPED UP ON SMOG" Never change JJJ, never change…

  8. JJ is sometimes crazy, but is really a hero.

  9. the miss who blames spiderman for being a perv has a very high ego and a low knowdlege about a public place and a courtain

  10. "What if somehow, a spider gained the powers of a MAN? And he's stalking his prey!? Somewhere, there's a giant web with these POOR PIGEONS stuck in it." I couldn't help but laugh aloud at that one.

  11. J.J. goes quite whenever Scorpion is brought up.

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