The Best Video Games of 2018 -

The Best Video Games of 2018

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Before we say goodbye to 2018, here are Complex’ top ten video games of the year.

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  1. Just finished the ac odyssey story it’s fire onna deadloc

  2. Why is everyone talking about fortnite when it came out it 2017

  3. Wow, couldn’t clear any game footage? Make a top games list video but don’t show any actual game clips…

  4. Wheres Crash Bandakoot on the List?????

  5. Red dead 2 is definitely the best game this year hands down I'm still trying to beat it DOPE Game and God of War was Dope 2 they need a Boxing game for 2019

  6. Surprised he didn't mention Code Geass in this review

  7. Where’s monster hunter world or dragonball fighterz?

  8. cALL oF DuTy is tHe pIZza oF tHe gaMewoRld

  9. Yall put Spiderman above God of War? This isn't even up for debate GOW is better

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