The First 21 Minutes of Spider-Man: Remastered on PS5 -

The First 21 Minutes of Spider-Man: Remastered on PS5

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Spider-Man: Remastered arrives on the PS5 November 12, and if you’d like to take a look at the opening in Fidelity mode here’s a look at the first 21 minutes capture on PlayStation 5.

These first 21 minutes of Spider-Man Remastered gameplay covers the web-slinging opening moments where Peter Parker heads to Fisk tower to confront the villain head-on.

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  1. Give the game bad ratings while they use the new face of Peter Parker

    They must restore the old face to Peter Parker!!!

  2. I'll giving the game bad marks while they use Peter Parker's new face.

  3. its been awhile since i played this and forgot that kingpin sounds like thor

  4. Idk whats wrong i mean just a few more months and then you guys will get used to it

  5. The lighting is much better. I just wish they didn't change peter, and if they really had to, I wish they at least didn't make him look like a high schooler.

  6. Oh wow it looks identical

    Well… except Peter’s disgusting

  7. The scenes with black cat will be so awkward and wrong😑 they should never have changed it

  8. Is remastered just the ps4 version on the ps5 or do i need to buy it again?

  9. Same thing with a Tom Holland like face which doesn't fit in the game cos Mary Jane must be at least 10 years older than him now and he looks like 16

  10. Can you only uppercut them into the air only? Lol

  11. ign always find the worst guy to play games

  12. You couldn’t have found somebody better at this game to do this for you?

  13. Christ people the face isn’t that bad I actually like it, besides it’s not that serious your in a mask 90% of the time in the game

  14. The theme at the start is just… beautiful. I can't wait for my Miles Morales game! Sadly, though, I only have a PS4 and am getting the game after Christmas, so… yeah. But I'm getting it nonetheless! 🙂

  15. How do I get the ps5 remaster I have the ps5 disc but it doesn't show me the remaster in my ps5 it only show me the original and the new suites anyone know what could I do to get it

  16. Who would have thought that a digital recast would piss me off so much?… But it does.

  17. dommage que le game play soit foireux …

  18. Most people keep talking about his face, not the game itself.

  19. If you couldn't afford PS5 then PS4 will probably be worth it.

  20. That is just a perfect start to a Spiderman game. The movies should learn a couple of things from this game.

  21. pause on 1:38 i actually thought this was gonna be the lobby for like joining multiplayer when it was released

  22. I love how when he jumps out of the window and starts swinging the new lighting really makes it look like early morning with the sun just starting to rise since his phone said 8:05 a.m and in the original while still looking amazing it looked a bit more like it was mid day

  23. 1:18 I love the fact that I can see in the reflections Peter is still moving off-camera. Attention to detail

  24. I’m so excited to play this next weekend cause getting the ps5 next weekend and honestly the new face is probably gonna grow on me so

  25. The cutscenes in this game are undoubtedly the best I’ve ever seen EVER!

  26. The graphics in this game looks so dope

  27. The intention of the new Peter Parker, was to better match Yuri Lowenthal's facial capture.

  28. Hands down one of the best openings to a video game


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  30. This port ration of Spider Man is way better than the MCU’s

  31. man the things i'd do to be able to play this for the first time again

  32. Peter went from being mj's boyfriend to mj's brother

  33. Please note: this video is currently processing in 4K. Enjoy!

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