The Greatest Regular Season Game of All Time? | Chiefs vs. Rams 2018 Highlights -

The Greatest Regular Season Game of All Time? | Chiefs vs. Rams 2018 Highlights

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The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Rams during Week 11 of the 2018 NFL season.

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  1. I was down 43 points in fantasy that night. Tyreek got me like 52 LMAO!!

  2. Football hasn't been the same since this game

  3. What a magnificent game ! 💎
    It's almost as if the middle of the field didn't exist and the teams just went from end to end… 😁

    M 🦘🏏😎

  4. Whenever I watch a good game I gotta come back to this to remind myself this is still #1

  5. This was a great game…and the circumstances around it were very interesting. It was supposed to be played in Mexico, but the conditions of the field in Mexico were not up to NFL standards at game time, so they decided to play the game at the grand old Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum that was originally completed in 1923 and a historic stadium in its own right, hosting USC and UCLA football, The Olympic Games in 1932 and in 1984 as well as the first NFL-AFL Championship Game in 1967 and numerous Super Bowls since then…

    It was home to The Los Angeles Rams from 1946-1979 and from 2016-2019 for football and The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team from 1958-1961 while waiting for Dodger Stadium to be completed.

    So this building has been a historical landmark for the city of Los Angeles sports for many years!

    There were fires locally that had devastated the area at the time so the game was highly reported and watched by many on that Monday night. Monday Night Football was the only NFL game shown on that night so it was under the microscope all around the country.

    The young Kansas City Cheif's QB, Patrick Mahones was touted as a great up and coming QB at the time and young head coach for The Rams, Sean McVay was brought in his aggressive offense and new tactics to bring The Los Angeles Rams back to glory.

    This was a fabulous game to be enjoyed by any true fan of NFL football.

    I remember driving on the 101 freeway listening to the game on my car radio that night. I watched a reply of the game later that night and thought that it was one of the best, if not the best Monday Night Football games I ever saw…

  6. Not only was this game one if the greatest! But the commentary in this game was ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIFYING!

  7. I came back to say that this was a in season Super Bowl for the NFL. Still is the most exciting game I’ve seen yet

  8. Remember watching this game live best game I've ever seen in my opinion so many mixed emotions during this aswell not even mad at the fact that we lost this was just an amazing game

  9. I like how this has more views then the Super Bowl that year lol

  10. I went to this game. It was my first nfl game and it was crazy!! We were sitting pretty close and it was just touchdown after touchdown after int after int after touchdown! Great game

  11. POV: Your here after Goff is on the Lions, both of them lost the SB to Tom Brady, both didn’t get a touchdown in the Super Bowl vs Tom Brady

  12. its amazing how this game was so crazy people are still here years later

  13. The Rams Defensive Ends were scary that season.

  14. How many fantasy points did Mahomes and Hill get this game!?

  15. LA RAMS!!!! Stafford!!! Next!! What did I say!!! Watch out for LA RAMS and the chiefs and we are all back!

  16. Imagine having either of these qbs in fantasy this game

  17. 2022 Rams-Chiefs in arrowhead wondering where is this game gonna Land in 2022

  18. 1:41 Goff and josh Reynolds’s are now both in Detroit scored a tad against cardinals

  19. This is what the Chiefs offense looks like when they have a good number 2 WR.

    They’re still an outstanding offense now, but they’re almost unstoppable when they have someone to compliment Hill and Kelce.

  20. I listened to this in prison on sports radio. Never will forget

  21. Heading into this game, I was down by 30 points in fantasy. My opponent still had Robert Woods left and I still had Todd Gurley, Brandin Cooks and Travis Kelce. Ended up making a huge comeback and won by one point. This game was more entertaining for me than Super Bowl XLV when my Packers beat the Steelers

  22. You know this took every player and coach back to college because that was exactly like a college game! Crazy! I wasn’t going for either team which made it so much more enjoyable to watch

  23. Who would have thought they would both lose to Brady in the super bowl 😂

  24. We need more of this, I wish other NFL teams can score higher.

  25. I remember I was a manager at the time and had call outs so I had to close. I missed it but tuned in from time to time. Let’s go rams!

  26. Although my boys didn't win, that was the best game I ever witnessed. We need more like that…it definitely was something to see, if anybody missed it. They missed one hell of a game. That Superbowl should have been the Rams vs the Chiefs but a penalty in the AFC Championship kept us out and Brady went on for #6🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Jared was Lit back then, sad he did not develop

  28. U gotta admit Kansas City fans, u don't care u lost, that was a game for a millenia.

  29. Nothing makes Mahomes afraid like the name of A. Donald

  30. This wasn't the greatest regular season game of all time. I can think of several that were better. But the one that comes to mind right away, is the 1985 game between the Dolphins and the Bears. I think the Bears were undefeated at the time they met, and they were heavily favored in their meeting against Miami. The Bears were chasing the Dolphins record undefeated season. It looked like they were probably going to achieve that goal. But the Dolphins won that thriller, and preserved their record, and of course stopped the Bears from achieving it.

  31. Who else watching in 2022 and now hoping for a repeat game in this year's Superbowl?

  32. Best part about this game? No ref ball. The better team won. In today’s NFL that’s saying something

  33. This game makes me feel bad for Goff nowadays lol

  34. Ashley you can't say this the best game in NFL history because it's was historical games in NFL before television 📺 but you could say this the best game we're ever seen!

  35. Thanks for posting this NFL, you guys rock!

  36. 13:08 typical refs getting influenced by the defensive team on the spot… dude went right where the defender pointed and cooks was over the first smh

  37. Can’t believe this game was 3 years ago 🤯

  38. you know a game is good when there is a 16 minute highlight reel

  39. Where would you rank the 2018 Chiefs vs. Rams matchup among the greatest NFL games of all time?

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