The History Of Spider-Man's Creative Director Bryan Intihar -

The History Of Spider-Man’s Creative Director Bryan Intihar

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After learning so much about Spider-Man, it’s time to learn about the man behind the game. Bryan Intihar tells us all about the path he carved through the industry, and how he’s handling the responsibilities that come with his dream job.

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  1. Please put the black suit Spider-Man with his own abilities and powers and veom transmission

  2. Nice to know the character is in good hands.

  3. Thank you for loving your job and loving games!!! And bring us the dreaming game Spider-man!

  4. Interviewer: Is Spider-Man in this game?

    Bryan: hell no

  5. I love you Brian cause you know how to Make a Good Spiderman game

  6. Bryan Intihar: Greatest Creative Director of all time

  7. I love this guy. Amazing details and background. Very cool and so excited for him and the team.

  8. I really hope they add the Sam Rami’s suit in spider man PS4

  9. Because of Director Bryan, that his passions for
    🕸️Spider-Man🕸️he made my days❗❗😏

  10. His surname "Intihar" means suicide in Turkish

  11. Does anyone think it would be cool if insomniac obtained ownership of the infamous franchise

  12. Okay new god of war , new spiderman, somebody reboot uncharted NOW

  13. His last name means "suicide" in Turkish…

    Quick facts

  14. Honestly I’m glad he’s not a psychologist

  15. The fact the he describes insomniac as his second family really says a lot.

  16. This is gonna be the best game in the world I’m crying

  17. Bought my PS4 a month ago for this game. I’m so goddamn ready and seeing the creative team’s passion behind this game makes me even more excited

  18. Man I'll tell you the only thing that let me down was unless it's future dlc that I'm not getting any symbiotes to play with it just don't feel right

  19. Spiderman has so many backpacks bc he won lifetime of backpack.

  20. You did a good job! best Spider-Man ever. Beats all the films! and love the Advanced Suit!! Hats off!!

  21. Cant believe this guy was on 1up and 1upyours and here he is being a creative director on spiderman…

  22. I’ve never considered myself a hardcore fan but I realized over the years I slowly and slowly got immersed into rhe marvel universe. Animated series, marvel vs capcom games, comics, movies etc. This game is a masterpiece. Even when Spider-Man is perching on a ledge and you see NYC it looks like a box out of a comic book. Well done! Never would’ve imagined this could exist

  23. “From day 1 we wanted to make this the iron man of marvel games.” Aka MGU

  24. He should've been the director of Spider-Man: Homecoming, but what we got is that hack Jon Watts who directed it.

  25. I’ve been trying to get an answer for this since Spider-Man PS4 came out
    During the game when the prisoners escape yuri says 100% of the raft escaped in the riot so my question is where is Wilson Fisk as he was placed in the raft and he’s never mentioned after that in neither the game or the comics so where is he and if Spider-Man couldn’t stop him for years I don’t think the police could get him locked up without Spider-Man that fast

  26. Such a talented guy . Hopefully he stays at Insomniac so he can make even more great games for PlayStation. Spiderman 2018 is just phenomenal . I hope he's the one working on the bigger sequel if he was partially the one that helped put the heart and soul into this game . Miles Morales so far is amazing, but I need to see where can this can take off too. A Venom game perhaps? 😁

  27. I only really knew Intihar from his 1up podcasts.
    somebody has to round up todd zuniga, greg ford and brian again for another anamoly.

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