The Most Bizarre Video Games Coming Out In 2018 -

The Most Bizarre Video Games Coming Out In 2018

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The most famous characters in video games are a plumber who’s super into cosplay, a mutant hedgehog with a bad attitude, and a yellow ball who eats ghosts. So it’s safe to say that video games don’t just tolerate weirdness, they embrace it. But some games are so bizarre, even the most jaded gamer has to do a double take. Here’s a look at some of the most bizarre games coming out in 2018…

Biomutant | 0:22
Morphies Law | 0:54
Ooblets | 1:29
Wattam | 1:52
Pig Eat Ball | 2:31
Hot Lava | 2:59
Transference | 3:24
The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti | 3:48
Untitled Goose Game | 4:22

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  1. Which game are you most looking forward to playing?

  2. Great quality content, this channel will blow up one day!

    Keep it up guys 👌

  3. her beautiful voice makes me keep on coming back for more

  4. "Introduces the concept of combat gardening" Plants vs Zombies isn't a combat gardening game?

  5. This channel was a really cool find. I like your videos so far. +1 fan and sub

  6. combat gardening isnt new…. plants vs zombie

  7. I don't know about you, I am going to give you my provisional subscription. I will keep an eye on your channel to see what you do….for a while anyway.

  8. Love the content and can't wait to see more, but can I nitpick? The looping music is really obnoxious. Maybe that's just me though!

  9. 1. bizzare………… its finally a game made for us furries.

  10. Biomutant is cool but I dont like CYYYYBORG animals :I

  11. People need to realize that Star Wars is no longer deep for analysis. The writers are simply leaving I formation out, or leaving it yet to delivered. So it's not ANALYSIS that fans can do now; it's just hypotheticals that can derive from ANYTHING. It's the same as trying to guess what will happen in your work day exactly one year from now. It's not analysis, or even projecting. It's just random guessing.
    It's f-ing boring.
    Star Wars fans are just strung along like children watching a cheap anime.

    Wake up folks! It's NOT deep. It's SLIGHTLY improved character development from what Lucas did, at the cost of losing almost ALL the quality lore, cultures, religions, species, environments, settings that can port to other forms of media.

    Now we have a series that, obviously, can NOT compete with most series/movies in character story/dialogue, and is CERTAINLY not in the discussion anymore for interesting lore/fictional settings.

  12. 2:59 okay now this game is a straight up ripoff of Hugo running away from lava in volcano level 0.o…

  13. Thank you for showing the game in the thumbnail first! Damn, what a great feeling!

  14. Fyi, putting Kung Fu Panda by any video game name sends it straight into the ET bin…..

  15. Biomutant certainly didn't come out in 2018. Thinking about it hardly any of these games came out in 2018.

  16. I'm not a fan of furries, but Biomutant actually looks pretty interesting.

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