The NEW Spiderman in BTD 6! (The Best Animations on a Modded Tower) -

The NEW Spiderman in BTD 6! (The Best Animations on a Modded Tower)

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Today Kosmic has created another Spider-Man mod in Bloons TD 6! We’ve made the spider monkey mod in the past in BTD 6 but this new Spider Man mod ads a detailed Spider Man tower. This Bloons TD 6 mod adds a awesome new tower in Bloons TD, Spider Man. If you want to see more of the Spider Monkey and Super Heroes in BTD 6 let me know down below!
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  1. Make a video when every bloon regrows ten times faster

  2. For clash Royale players: why is there a mini pekka below the Spider-Man?

  3. middle path candy man told other in a diff vid 1 200$ bag of buffs buff towers in radius with more radius and attack speed 2 500$ bouncing buff you can move buffed towers and will keep buffs but will not gain buffs from upgrades by candy monkey 3 1,500$ candy towers spawn a 1 0 0 or 0 1 0 or 0 0 1 tower and buffs it 4 5,000$ the co worker get two candy monkeys for free 5 100,000$ The candy man buffs all units with insane attack speed

  4. Tewtiy pls you have to remember that og BLOONS towers exist so you can survive and then show the power of the mods, so you don't get memed on

  5. Spideran looks cool, but it seems a little unbalanced, 30k total t4 can't take down a Moab? Crossbow master I think it does

  6. YO WHAT MINI PEKKA??!?!?!?!?!??!+1 WHAT THE HECK

  7. Tewtiy:HE NEED SOME-
    me: A vengeful true sun god

  8. With great power, comes no accidents
    -Uncle Oogway

  9. I am very sorry for saying this but scroll at your own risk


  10. Tewtiy: This is the place where you find the memeist content
    Me: Cough Ultra Jason

  11. tewity u should make a live stream where other people can join u on co-op mode

  12. Seeing how useless the Toby McGuire spiderman was until the symbiote suit I can just imagine how useless the Andrew Garfield spiderman would be probably won't even be able to pop red balloons he is after all the worst spiderman and has no symbiote suit option just useless Andrew Garfield spiderman fighting and if he let his girlfriend die imagine what he would let by here hopefully they don't make an Andrew Garfield one

  13. im kinda early YAAAAY also you have a great day too tewtiy

  14. Ngl it would be insane to have a bully maguire tower and he attacks with his dance XD

  15. I whant to see the mini pekka from clash royale

  16. Can you do a tower that has all of the towers in one

  17. Tewtiy " if we could just get true perseverance we`ll be set " Me " dont you already have true perseverance??"

  18. I’m always one day late or 10-5 minutes late I want to be the first

  19. Me realizing that Twetiy didn't die after saying the line "with great power comes great responsibility" and is not dead

    He's a god

  20. The upgrades didn't do enough until the last one

  21. why is the mini p.e.k.k.a from clash royale in btd 6

  22. Tewtiy: it is really hard to find a space where to put him

    literally skipping 7 places where he could put Spider-Man

  23. That’s not going to help I already have a bad day

  24. Thanks for saying hope you have a great day my day was the worst day of my life

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