The Night We Talked To Demons. | REAL Conjuring House -

The Night We Talked To Demons. | REAL Conjuring House

Sam and Colby
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Sam and Colby stay overnight at the REAL Conjuring House from the movies… A Psychic medium joins the exploration but warns them of demons… will they last 24 hours?

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The Night We Talked To Demons. | REAL Conjuring House | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby


  1. Why did no one check up on the toy car they put on the floor!!!

  2. also when are yall going to sleep in the house? you are at 375k likes

  3. Bruh 1 hour and 8 mins colby was a full ass man holy

  4. Sam Colby should learn demonology

  5. the owner: just dont provoke the entinitys
    sam and colby: so it said to leave we are going to pester it more

  6. Not gonna lie, Queen Mary was 10X scarier than this video. The Conjuring House was just interesting, the Queen Mary B340 was scarier for sure.

  7. I wonder where samantha and colleen are.

  8. Everyone is obsessed with colby, even the dead 💀

  9. Medium here, I would not suggest returning without the proper protections. chants can do a lot but knowing how to protect yourself emotionally and physically alone with spiritually is needed. bring sage (not white sage) bring protective symbols (crosses, pentacle, sigils of protection) and listen to your gut when something does not feel right, stay together. create salt rings, do what you can to protect yourselves if you do return to this house. I do understand you want to catch everything but you can't do that if you are harmed past the point of returned. while spirits an entities abode by the laws of consent some do not and your mentality when it is strong and build up will keep from the entities hurting you emotionally. protect yourselves, and do what is best for you, not us or the views. keep your spiritual self safe, keep your emotional health safe, and keep your physical health safe. spirits are not to be messed with. and pushing them will only result in consequences. the spiritual world is not like our own and should not be treated as a joke. be prepared and protect yourself. you can make spell jars or carry crystals with you. I would suggest research in protection. however since its been four days I have no way of telling if you have already went back to the house. stay safe and protect yourself sam and Colby.

  10. wow sam abs colby. i’ve been subscribed and have been watching your explore and ghost hunting videos and out of all of them this was the one that actually scared me. please keep doing them cause your the only actual chanel that i love and watch. and please bring her with more of your ghost hunting trips cause she makes them way more interesting and more into it.

  11. Please don’t go. Whatever it was.. it was going after Colby and Amanda. I understand it’s for us but I care about you safety first. Don’t go. If it was that scary WITH Amanda around. Imagine going w/o her. Not a very good idea

  12. Ok so I looked it up and beezelbub is another name for satan and it’s associated with the Canaanite god Baal. So basically you guys were probably talking to satan which Is so crazy

  13. I'm a medium as well and I completely agree with her that demonic presence is more powerful than anything and I have done that kind of stuff but the moment I feel unwanted is when I don't feel safe do not stay the night at that house

  14. do you think the old gang could come to the house when you go back. cause that would be pretty cool for a last time thingy with them. me and prolly a lot of fans would love that

  15. colby definitely should not return to this house. they were after him.

  16. When the spirit box thing said "beezlebub" "down there" I'm pretty sure it meant down in the well

  17. “That thing is fucking smart” just made me laugh so hard and I don’t know why

  18. ok idk if i'm trippin, but I replayed the clip at 1:09:28 and on the bottom right corner the device
    is moving and they weren't moving the table idk if you guys noticed that!

  19. You sure it wasn’t schizophrenia. Was it even called that back then?

  20. ya know i want you guys to live so i wouldn’t do another overnight

  21. This is scary its not its the jump scares

  22. The medium is definitely fearless but man she can be annoying seems pretty full of herself

  23. When your so popular even ghosts is a fan of you

  24. May God and Jesus Christ protect me and anyone that watches this video. Amen ✝️ I am always protected by the cross so is anyone else that accept the lord.

  25. Is it just me that had to charge their earphones 2 times in this video this suppose to have a 35 hour battery ⁉️⁉️

  26. Medium: we need to leave
    Demon: peace ✌️

  27. i have so much to say but i don’t know where to start. the energy from this is crazy.

  28. Guys. When Colby asked “show us that you’re here” and Sam said “now” you can see on the table the headset(?) or the radio(?) thing moving. It was moving that object. Sam and Colby werent moving the table

  29. dont go alone bring me with you on the second round when u go back

  30. Awesome video guys , first video that interests me after a long time. watched it to the end.

  31. “We definitely just got a whistle”
    “might of been me I’m fat” 😂😭😂

  32. This is our favorite video we've ever posted. enjoy! **UPDATE** Since you guys got 250k likes we will return to the conjuring house ALONE later this year! subscribe!!
    join xplr club here:

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