The Winner of IGN's Best Video Game of All Time Bracket -

The Winner of IGN’s Best Video Game of All Time Bracket

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You voted, and here it is: the IGN Community’s Best Game of All Time Winner, God of War.

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  1. Tlou2 couldve won if only they didn't f up ..

  2. Hey Ign Just a quick note care to explain why rdr2 wasnt even nominated

  3. What IGN's community thinks is the best game of all time, holds as much weight as IGN's reviews…

  4. Red dead redemption 2 is undoubtedly the greatest game of all time.

  5. Didn't even see 1 MGS game. I'm so disappointed

  6. Really thought balan wonderworld was going to win.

  7. This is what happens when Gen z makes up the majority of votes.

  8. Lmao, apex legends won against super Metroid, please delete this whole bracket.

  9. Xbox can't play the best game of all time! What a shame

  10. Y’all lost me when Burnout 3 beat Chrono Trigger.

  11. @IGN look at the BTW vs GTA V poll BTW was the winner

  12. Haven’t played it
    But it definitely looks high budget and high quality

  13. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. You people blamed TLOU2 got GOTY by critics because it’s not allowed to vote by gamers…

    now people also hate GOW won which is chosen by gamers…clueless people hate everything until their favourite got praised

  15. "Next Best Indie Game Of All Time"

    1. Hollow knight
    2. Hades
    3. Celeste
    4. Dead Cells
    5. Inside

    And so on….

  16. Definitely not better than GTAV…. Js….

  17. This list should have been bigger. Seems to missing a lot of Jrpgs which get replayed many times by their fans.

  18. key words here are "IGN's best videogame of all time bracket" so basically its not actually the best game of all time in reality…

  19. GoW and Bloodborne both the best games of last gen.

  20. If you genuinely believe this is the best game of all time, play more games.

  21. Shout out to my fellow Outer Wilds homies for knowing which game is a true GOAT contender ✊

  22. Seemed more like a “what’s the most popular game of all time list” instead of best game of all time

  23. Brackets will always be flawed, stop it IGN

  24. The fact that GTAV made it to 2nd lowers my already low faith in humanity.

  25. Someone can tell me how half life isnt even on top 10?

  26. The Witcher 3 will forever be MY favorite game of all time.

  27. Ign feels proud of themselves for making probably the worst match ups ever.

  28. GtaV making it this high is like putting in Roblox and winning because kids make up more of the demographic

  29. Gta V beat Breath of the wild? Faith in humanity lost…

  30. Yeah this whole poll lost my interest when Apex Legends beat Super Metroid lmao

  31. Dante: Am i a joke to you?
    Vergil: Let it go bro, They are to young to know.

  32. that was the most nonsens vote contest of all time

  33. Also how did GTA5 of all games get 2nd place? That should be like 30th.

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