The Winner of IGN's Best Video Game of All Time Bracket -

The Winner of IGN’s Best Video Game of All Time Bracket

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You voted, and here it is: the IGN Community’s Best Game of All Time Winner, God of War.

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  1. if Zelda vote be available in PC or ps4 then it would be the goat

  2. Played for about 6 hours and never finished it

  3. I'll accept Silent Hill 2 or Mass Effect 2 as the greatest of all time. I'd struggle to see why anyone would think otherwise tbh

  4. In my opinion RDR 2 should be second. The level of details is out of this world. The story also made me cry .Besides Multiplayer ,this game is a Master piece

  5. Clear winner when compared to gta. Don't know how gta got that high in the list.

    Had a look at that 2nd bracket, there's way more better games in there than the first bracket.

  6. we all are pissed about gta 6 but come on gta 5 deserved it. If it had been witcher 3, I would have been okay with that as well.

  7. everyone has a fav game there is no clear cut winner plan and simple over 35 years of gaming for me would tell u that ive been around way before ign you tube internet was such a thing gaming is the winner plan and simple

  8. But but halo…but but forza….but but gears lol

  9. Its going to be rdr2 for me , no matter what

  10. Its a tough call between skyrim and Mario World for me. Mario world was my entire childhood but skyrim got me through so many bad days. I've not played videos games in over a year now but talking about skyrim is swaying me to dig out my xbox

  11. It’ll always be fallout 3 for me, walking out the vault for the first time will always be my favourite gaming memory

  12. Mario Odyssey and mario galaxy weren't in the competition, its illegal

  13. More like people wanted GTAV to lose. This was a popularity contest at best, otherwise many of these brackets would have different winners with GTAV likely still coming out on top. GOW? Not even close.

  14. GoW 2018 best game OF ALL TIME?!
    Wow, standards are so low these days.

  15. Final Fantasy VII vs Zelda BotW was an unfair first round. Of course a game that is brand new compare to it's competitor wins, because younger gamers have certainly never played a game released in the 90's. That being said, FFVII wouldn't have won anyway, but it would have gone much higher on the bracket if it was a different game against.

  16. Should’ve been Ghost of Tsushima vs The ghost of sparta for final!!

  17. Those polls and Votes were joke , Ocarina of time was lost in first round , the age of voters was like 80% teenager and kids vs 20% adult gamers , this whole thing is obselete imagine Gta V come to final…

  18. There was widespread voter fraud, if you only count the legal votes GTA V won by a landslide!

  19. It's a great game, but far from best lmao.
    Popularity contests are doomed to fail every time.

  20. You probably should not have done brackets but just counts total votes…

  21. GTA V on the second place? Wtf is wrong with you people? GTA V is garbage. RDR 2 deserve to be on 1st or on 2nd place, definitely not f GTA V…

  22. Not even a mention about rdr2, how is that possible 😀

  23. this is deserving, but there’s no way GTAV should beat TLOU, Batman AC, Uncharted 2 and Halo 2

  24. “Best video game all time” Ragnarok is around the corner ready to take the throne. 😂

  25. lol. why not the witcher 3/ gta5? what the hell did you vote?

  26. Nintendrones butthurt soooo much bwahahahaha

  27. IGN misspelled RDR2, and prompted the wrong clip. I'm sure they'll post a correction video soon.

  28. saints row 3 and 4 and zelda majoras mask and skyrim and witcher 3 and super mario odyssey and zelda botw is my best games of all time

  29. Nah it’s between red dead redemption 1 or 2

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