These Halloween desserts put the "Ooh!" in ooky spooky! | Halloween 2018 | So Yummy -

These Halloween desserts put the “Ooh!” in ooky spooky! | Halloween 2018 | So Yummy

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These Halloween desserts put the “Ooh!” in ooky spooky!

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  1. กูสวยมากเลยค่ะน่ากลัวด้วย

  2. Para comer algo con forma de sesos mejor voy a la carnicería 😳😳😳🤢🤮🤮

  3. If you watching this 2 years ago your legend🤔

  4. What Is that with the blueberries to make the eyeballs for the martini

  5. Idk but you all but i love halloween but im also using this because im making one of those halloween tiktok accounts🧍🏽‍♀️

  6. Man i love killing myswlf from the suger in these

  7. Eating eyeballs, we gonna've more eyes!😉😂
    Intestines digesting yummy intestines!😋

    These look DAMN GOOD….Too realistic!💖👌👌💖😵😫

  8. Great Halloween desserts,whoever you are!Oh,and one more message:
    If I made all of those Halloween desserts with you,whoever you are,I would die!I would absolutely die!I would actually die because that would be too much work to do and too many Halloween desserts to make as well,so yeah,whoever you are,if I made all the Halloween desserts with you,I would actually die!

  9. Eww when they poured all that chocolate syrup I stopped liking it

  10. Wow super super super♡♡♡♡♡♡♡◇◇

  11. This made me realise I’ve never had a good Halloween. I’m waiting for the day it properly feels like spooky season 😔

  12. Damn that is some delicious lookin diabetes

  13. Katy Nutkiss the Demi lovato and Minecraft fan says:

    😮 Halloween ghost 👻 pumpkin 🎃 bat 🦇 spider 🕷

  14. สารภี ทองเลิศ says:

    I want to cook for Halloween

  15. i am was to vomit after seeing this vedio

  16. human shaped blood and guts
    Me: "Wow, cool! Will have to try that!"

    insect and bug stuff

  17. ภัทราวดี อู่อรุณ says:


  18. Title: These Halloween desserts put the "Ooh!" in ooky spooky!
    Me: But there isn't any ooh in the word ooky spooky

  19. I'm 28 and yet I still get excited for Halloween.

  20. ꪖ𝗿𝓲𝙭ρꪶ𝗶᥊᥊☻ 𓃠❤︎ says:

    2:24 why cant they put like kool-ade or something they make their life mor difficult…

  21. Halloween Ekstra

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