This zombie survival game is actually FREE.. -

This zombie survival game is actually FREE..

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Welcome to Deathly Stillness an all new Zombie Survival game that appeared on steam about a week ago. The game is nothing too crazy but it was not intended to be crazy anyways. A very impressive experience considering it was made in about 2-3 weeks. or so it says.

As per Steam: “This is a boring third-person zombie game with no plot,Complete the quest to kill all the zombies. This game is a teaching case game of bilibili Chen Jiacheng, not an officially released game.”

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  1. If it had a mode for larger maps trying to achieve an objective other than killing all of the zombies and team play and loot then it’d be a gold mine of a game

  2. Bring to xbox next gen‼️‼️‼️‼️

  3. Slim Shady became a YouTuber??????????

  4. this is not the full game the real game is still in development this trining game was made 30 min's and it was in live

  5. Agree we do need more zombie survival games amen love zombie games , have you tried Mega Zombie it’s free love too see you play it love to see you yell with reaction because I know you would react quick

  6. Make videos of undawn using android emulator

  7. Some how this makes me want to play World War Z😂🤷‍♂️

  8. Looks like a pc game plays like a mobile game

  9. This game..Open world and multiplayer with PVPVE…Best game of the year.

  10. Omg stop calling them bullets lol sounds funny, people usually say rounds lol

  11. Lets be honest tho… Nowadays, if there is something with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews one has to take it with a grain of salt and do their due diligence because almost ALL Chinese made products now come with 100% positive reviews included. No one real person put them there, except for maybe the person who added the bot to create all the different fake reviews. But the review's are 9/10 fakes.

  12. Did he get the character models from division?

  13. I can write a story for this… I love what I’m seeing

  14. For a second there I didn’t know if you were bald or blonde lol. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Drake?

  15. the game is inspired by the division, graphics, designs, animations, movements, reloading and shooting, very close to the division.

  16. Could you imagine if DayZ had those graphics? @bohemiainteractive

  17. your content dope but honestly today i just liked for your hair fireeeeee👌✨🐱‍🏍

  18. "share some lead off in your anus" 😂😂😂😂😂☠️

  19. Nah, this game is shit. Who wd pay for this shit?

  20. My high ass thought this mans was bald 😭😭💔

  21. If this really was made in about two weeks it does show you that most companies being lazy with most of their games

  22. This is basically state of decay💀 just wayyyyy better graphics

  23. They need to slow those zombies the fuck down. I love zombie survival games, but they are walking corpses and shouldn't be FASTER than living humans. Slow them down and add a few more 🙂

  24. Has The Division and Last of Us and State of Decay elements to me.

  25. Nah g inpossible you decently took this idiea from fade not that's its wrong

  26. Free on what platforms? Thought you were bold for a second because your complexion and the hair colour isn't that different.

  27. the zombies, their sounds, the gun movement. They got it all right, they just need to build off of it now and they've got a promising game

  28. Nothings free. Microtransactions are a price gouging scam.

  29. Another one? There are too many similar games already.

  30. The chinese/ korean no disrespect when i say that but the movies are actually the best made im a fan of train to busan series but the games man i cant even imagine

  31. Isn't there another badass looking zombie game coming out that's maybe multiplayer too?

  32. Man this is free cuz has no story at all, it is only shooting.. it doen´t matter good graphics. it is only about killing zombies, nothing more.

  33. Pretty sus that theres another "free" game going about that has that exact same highway init, but the game also mines bitcoin for the dev through your pc. How much they paying you to shill this?

  34. Blonde looks great on you! Thank you for the review, I want to play it now!

  35. According to steam, this game was made in a couple of weeks or something crazy like that.
    Wanted to check it out Today. Pretty cool stuff and of course… its free. lol

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