Top 10 Best Crafting Systems in PC Video Games (2018) -

Top 10 Best Crafting Systems in PC Video Games (2018)

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Check out our list of best crafting systems in video games and find the perfect game to unleash your DIY instincts!
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Do you enjoy gathering resources and turning them into useful objects and weapons? Whether you prefer survival games, RPGs, Shooters or colorful Sandboxes, you will find the perfect game with crafting for yourself on our list!

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  1. This list is bovine excrement, where is [Game Title]?

  2. Now i know what to do with my Free time XD

  3. There should be DOODLE GOD 😀 Basically the game is based only on crafting the WORLD!

  4. you can tell he is reading of a script because damn, he sure was wrong about alot of the game, and also that he called it Ark Survival Reborn, instead of its actual name Ark Survival Evolved

  5. Why show the old trailer for Terraria? And not the new newest one

  6. a list of games featuring a crafting system and Minecraft isn't number 1

    I give you a like just for being brave enough to do that

    and btw, I do think there are crafting games better than Minecraft out there

  7. that factory game looks sweet. im going to head over to steam and grab it right now.

  8. this couled being a nice list if only it wasnt an ad

  9. Top ten crafting? Why? More like ten games that have crafting and how to play them.
    Nowhere on this video are comparisons made from one crafting system to another, and what is done well, what is done poorly and what should be avoided.
    This is no top ten, not even a personal one. This is a list of things that exists, and I can't see the purpose of it. Sorry.

  10. if ark only would run better on my pc….
    15 fps arent much ya know

  11. not a bad list but rimworld , prison architect , and oxygen not included deserve mention as well.

  12. No better crafting system than the one in Final Fantasy XIV, although I'm still looking. Suggestions welcome 🙂

  13. thumbs down for adding fortnite, seriously wtf is this list

  14. Not a good list for crafting systems. Just some games that happen to have crafting as a focus. Crafting systems wise games like Runescape, FF14, Mortal Online, LOTRO, etc. should have been on here. A few like DA: Inquisition and Minecraft fit, but overall not a good list.

  15. complete total crap. stop using the internet dick

  16. Factorio? Seriously has to be the ugliest game ever.

  17. Dwarf Fortress is missing. The mother of ALL crafting games. Yes, I know, ASCCI graphic, but you HAVE to mention Dwarf Fortress.

  18. Not mentioning Wurm Online is a painful gap.  Especially in recent years when the graphics have been drastically improved.  Sandbox game.  Full terraforming.  Build wherever you want/can, as long as other players do not control the and you want to build on.  Seriously.  Wurm beats all other MMO's for crafting.  Hands Down.

  19. When crafting is the main activity in a game, it's almost a certainty the game is terrible.

  20. no my time at portia ? this vid suks then

  21. For all who made this video. You dont know shit

  22. No Wurm Online???? That should be top 1 easily but it's not even on the list.

  23. Fortnite crafting .. .you gotta be joking :)))

  24. Fortnite and Divinity…. are you out of ur minds? Play….then talk… stupid

  25. Fortnite should not be on this list, thats building not crafting. Build battle not craft battles.

  26. in all games I had played,I had a 2 games opinion:Planet Nomads is really good,but his sandbox system is very limited.Planet explorers have a very nice sandbox but ground vehicles and submarine vehicles,fail a lot.The storyline of both is simillar,both wanna get out of planet,both are very similar.This is my offense to anyone

  27. probably fortnite save the world but battle royale… nope

  28. What the hell is this list? You have Fortnite on a video of BEST CRAFTING SYSTEMS in video games? Okay… I might actually flag this video and report for abuse.

  29. That awkward moment when you make a youtube video for advertisement but the video sucks

  30. I don't think anything can beat Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead in this category.

  31. Why am I watching this video in 720p? Even in 2018 this was potato resolution ffs

  32. maybe if you reduce the variety of recources and increase how many different things you can make with the same recources, you could make the system more expressive.

  33. Should name the video “me complimenting all the games that are sponsoring me”

  34. Sorry the guy who wrote the script for this video needs to be immediatly fired.

  35. Atelier Ryza has the best crafting system I've seen so far

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