Top 10 Best Games with Combat Systems - PC Video Games (2018) -

Top 10 Best Games with Combat Systems – PC Video Games (2018)

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Are you looking for a game with a well-developed combat? Check our list of top ten games with best fighting systems! Ready your fists and swords, these games demand much more than just random button mashing! Become a legendary melee fighter and show your tactics as you crush your opponents!

Let us know what you think! Did we include your picks for the best video game combat systems? Did our top 10 list inspire you to try out a new game with well-developed combat? Or are we missing a great combat system on our list? Leave a comment below and tell us!

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  1. Tekken higher than Guilty Gear? Have you been drinking and ranking again?

  2. I would say that Warframe is missing, but it may not 100% fit in this category. Still, the melle based frames with fluid atacks/movements are well worth a try.

  3. Prince of Persia warrior within. If you are okey with bdass camera…

  4. How about "Exanima" / "Sui Generis"? Their combat system is based on physics. It really matters how you move your mouse during a slash. You may for example swing your weapon and… cling it against a nearby bookshelf leaving your character unprotected for a few seconds. Or step a wrong way swinging an unbalanced heavy weapon and just stumble.

  5. sleeping dogs is the best combat game ever created and it deserves a sequel

  6. EA sports mma has one of the most entertaining combatsystems. it just feels right that the joysticks controll what attack you do after how you move them. it also focuses alot on movement and countering. the only problem is that the comunity for that game is dead.

  7. Shadow warrior 2, so fun to slice enemies like salami

  8. Great list. Totally agree with Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen! But… a few honorable mentions: Mad Max! Some of the most satisfying finishing and brutal moves I ever "felt" in a game m/ and also The Surge. In a way, similar with Bloodborne, but with a Scifi theme. Good games that, at lest for me, could have easily been in that list.

  9. Lol I looked at this list in hopes of finding a game with a better combat system than DD, but its not possible. Great game

  10. dragon dogma combat is fun as fuck and its only non berserk game where you can be guts :p

  11. Severance-Blade of darkness is an old game that also has an amazingly fun sword/axe/spear fighting system that levels up with your character and different weapons. And so does the enemies. Cool level design , brilliant lightsource effects , easy to medium puzzles , secret bonus areas , buckets of gore/severed limbs and bombastic music. GOG used to have it.

  12. I love DMC. They replace the main character with a junky, gayish looking guy. But the combat system is the best that i ever seen in a game. Slowmotion dodge, Epic parry and weapons that you can charge if you hold the attack button.

  13. Dragon's Dogma is probably one of my favorite games of all time. It's a real shame that they cancelled the second one, and it's because it didn't get good enough reception.

  14. Tip for your next video: Top 10 fantasy games

  15. Where are Batman Arkham City and Sleeping Dogs

  16. Dragon Dogman seems a bit like MHW, with monster mounting and companions

  17. missing some games like sleeping dogs, chivalry, and absolver. I also do definitely believe arkham knight, spiderman ps4, and witcher 3 like simpler action combat systems shouldnt be ruled out. All of those should have been considered.

  18. When you say AKA it means you are going to call it by its nickname.

    Nobody calls the sword "OH GOD CUT EVERYTHING"

  19. Tekken is absolutely complex. Probably the deepest fighting game series there is..

  20. can someone give me link to download dragon's dogma?

  21. Didn't feel cool? Did you even play The Force Unleashed? O.o

  22. Very good list, my favorites are Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast and Dark Messiah. I would also put Killer is Dead.

  23. Jedi Academy should be number 1 tbh,you also forgot Ninja Gaiden Black

  24. I was laughing right off the start when Batman Arkham was being praised… its gameplay is awful although the story is good.

  25. Very bad : after level one, when I click to return to the menu and I have multiple time music (this is horrible!). Bad Ice Cream 3 unblocked game on hudgames

  26. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning brings a cool combat experience. And it seems somewhat scarce in action adventure RPG's…

  27. i think ufc 2 had one of my favorite fighting mechanics. as a real life boxer i could really plan out what i wanted to do and it felt great most of the time

  28. Prince of Persia Warrior Within an The Two Thrones have also an elaborate combat system involving the environment. Shoud definetly get a comeback!

  29. exelent video how doesnt this have 100000000000 views

  30. What the fuck is your guys problem with God of war 4

  31. if it was 2019 mordhau most likely would make it into the list

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