Top 10 Best Survival PC Video Games (as of 2018) -

Top 10 Best Survival PC Video Games (as of 2018)

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Do you love survival games? Find out which ones are the best to play in 2018!
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Crafting, scavenging, hunting, building shelter, fighting against your enemies and the environment – these games have it all and more! But your most important objective is to survive – whether it’s in the wilderness, in space, or in a frozen wasteland. You will face adveristies such as zombies, wild animals, dinosaurs and worst of all – other players!

Will you be able to survive this ordeal? Or will you perish?

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  1. where's my favorite survival game Tetris 99?

  2. Just one thing to ask it is it offline or not

  3. Are you guys din't notice?! You guys keep talking about him putting PUBG on the list, not talking about hes not putting MINECRAFT instead!!

  4. Nevermind I lier am unliking and unsubscribing

  5. Did you really put PUBG on a survival game list

  6. Hey you! Wanna try a new survival game?

    Check out sandbox survival MMO "SamuTale" 🙂

  7. Imagine a realistic hardcore survival set in the 19th century with a LOT of random generated maps both single and multiplayer,any other idea for this game? (I'm looking forward to this and maybe starts developing it)

  8. You've reminded me that PUBG was once popular. You've also reminded me that some people shamelessly used it in an attempt for clout.


  10. Can't believe the forest and green hell weren't mentioned 😐

  11. I am kind of sad. I looked at most of the comments and saw nothing about Raft. Raft is a great survival game that is always updating their game and is downright my favorite game ever

  12. My favorite one is this war of mine it's rly emotional and challenging.

  13. How could y’all make a survival games list and not put the forest on it?

  14. G2A Loot system is a total scam. You buy points and of course you always get a very cheap game and not a rare one. Aside from this, you can't even activate your 1 dollar game. They require your steam account credentials, but even when you enter them there is always a problem with the activation. After 24h the game is gone and you only get some points back. With these points either you can't open any box either you get a game you can't activate again. TOTAL SCAMMERS. AVOID.

  15. far cry primal :story line goog and realist graphic and animation

  16. what about the forest? and dying light.. pubg is a shooter.

  17. There is 2 kind of survival game:
    *Combat Survival: mostly PVP type of games like Battle Royale, Hunger Game, Team or Free for All Eliminate, etc…. in short term, kill to survive and win, game like PUBG, Fortnite, CS,……
    *Realistic (*almost) Survival: Most likely contain survival rule like having basic needs, crafting, building, defending the base. Usually combat best avoided, and fight if you had chance or you had no other choice (FPS, TPS), game like Scum, Ark, Dayz….. Include colony managing game like Oxygen, Rimworld,…

  18. 1 word DayZ is mous realistic game end so facking fun end hard

  19. uhh pubg is a battle royale game not a survivale one ;-;

  20. What are your favourite survival games? Let us know by posting a comment below!

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