Top 10 Best Video Games Announced At E3 2018 -

Top 10 Best Video Games Announced At E3 2018

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Top 10 Best Video Games Announced At E3 2018
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E3 2018 had a ton of fantastic reveals. From highly anticipated trailers and gameplay to announcements for brand new titles, here are the top 10 best games announced at E3 2018. And, a disclaimer – we’re talking about games we got some substantial details for – while titles like Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield and Halo Infinite were officially announced, we didn’t get much from their brief trailers so they won’t be making the cut. Still awesome news though. With that in mind, let’s jump in.

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  1. Can u do worst games announced or a comparison between ps4 pro and Xbox 1 x

  2. I'm most excited for Super Smash Bros ultimate

  3. I'm disappointed by The Last of Us 2's SJW and political view.

    I'm also disappointed that Cyberpunk 2077 will be in FPP.

    Ghost of Tsushima seems the best game this E3.

    Dreams is a very creative game that I expected to be in this list.

  4. No jump force… should be on the list make a part 2 please

  5. Resident Evil 2 Remake was definitely the best showcase, both in trailer and gameplay.

  6. CHANNEL:Stefano Drei Stefered

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  7. If she didn’t talk so fast, the video could’ve been 10 minutes. Loved it though

  8. Lol, Fallout nr 1 xD In this type of game a new Metro will be better and the real winner of E3 is Cyberpunk

  9. My Top Five:
    -Devil May Cry 5
    -Kingdom Hearts III
    -Resident Evil 2
    -Gears of War 5


  11. Their priorities are all messed up man

  12. No KH3 that’s crazy that you didn’t put them in it

  13. That moment Spider-Man, Resident Evil 2, and Kingdom Hearts III aren't on the list…

  14. Halo Infinite dude. Something big is going on

  15. YOU got you list wrong LADY!!!! number 1 should be Cyber Punk 2077…. The people who have seen the game play said its the greatest game they ever seen…. Plus "IN CD PROJECT RED WE TRUST!!!!"

  16. Why so many people dont recognise the greatnes of Kingdom Hearts 3 "sob"

  17. I'm really disappointed that the majority of these videos don't even mention Kingdom Hearts 3.

  18. What about Ori and the Will of the wisps? edit:also spider man #part2

  19. The last of us part 2 was so awesome of the killing an a kiss by girl.

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