Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018 So Far -

Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018 So Far
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2018 has been a stellar year for video game fans, and there’s still more to come. So far, blockbuster titles like Far Cry 5 and Monster Hunter: World have impressed both fans and critics thanks to their gorgeous worlds and engaging gameplay, while games like Detroit: Become Human have raised the bar in making meaningful choices and creating your own experience. For this list, we give our picks for the Best Games of 2018 So Far!

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List Entries & Rank:
#10: “Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom”
#9: “Detroit: Become Human”
#8: “Octopath Traveler”
#7: “Into the Breach”
#6: “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire”
#5: “Far Cry 5”
#4: “Subnautica”
#3, #2 & #1: ???

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  1. God of war is a great game but I would not call it the best.

  2. Red dead redemption 2 has been out for a while now and it’s definitely better than god of war

  3. I saluted to this video when I say it wasn’t stretching to 10 minute mark


  5. If your actually going based in critics and not the audience then you can't call this a good list

  6. Celeste #2, Detroit #9, no comments


  8. God of War was a good game, but Halo 3 is better, and Red dead redemtion 2 is the best of all. I am addicted to it, it is great, spider-man was good too. I never played a game that's supposed to be sad, and got sad, until I played Rdr2, even still I'm Playimg Red dead online, and I think Rdr2 will win the game of the year.

    Revenge is a understatement.
    Eventually I will have money.
    Down goes Kratos.

    Do what I say!
    Even better than Sea of Theives.
    Assassin Creed is a disgrace.
    Don't betray me!

    Redemption we must seek
    Enclave sucks in Fallout.
    Dolphins are wierd.
    Eventually we will all die.
    Most wanted outlaws will
    Take everything from you
    Ivitations to online!
    On my way I go!
    Now I win!

    Now read all of the first letters of that

  9. People who saying god of war shouldnt be #1 prolly got a trashbox one and cant even play it 🤣💀

  10. Am i the only one who completely disagrees with this list ?

  11. I have never played Detroit but I’m getting it, NOW

  12. Where's red dead redemption 2 and spiderman ps4. But god of war is the best game in that list

  13. Fortnite would be here but it didn't really count as a game

  14. loved a way out.a nice return to a couch coop era for me,even if i dont hwon a console anymore.

  15. Yes!! I was hoping to see Celeste on this video, and it's sure a pleasant surprise to see it be the second in the list! 🙂

  16. For real no Jurassic World Evolution?! Wtf kind of shit list is this?

  17. You have heard of 10.1 videos but what about 9.59 videos

  18. ExCuSe mE bUt wHy iS Detroit: Become Human oN nUmbeR 9?

    iT's tOo gOod tO bE on SucH a nUmBer.

  19. Jurassic world evolution should be number 1

  20. Detroit become human was awsome it should have been top 5,4 or 3 and I wish shadow of the tomb raider is on the list that game was brilliant

  21. Jesus christ the ads in watchmojo are like every 15 seconds

  22. Detroit Become Human should have been higher. That game was amazing

  23. 2018 – frostpunk
    2020 – cyberpunk

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