Top 10 Most Addicting PC Video Games (2018) -

Top 10 Most Addicting PC Video Games (2018)

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You won’t be able to stop playing those games! Check out our list of top 10 most addictive games and spend long hours in front of your PC. Warning: these games are recommended for people with way too much time on their hands!

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  1. I spent like 1-2 years on Warframe but after a while, I got a little burnt out. Haven't played in a while.

  2. The first few in this list are extremely repetitively grind. I don't understand how that makes it addicting

  3. btd5 and battles,the binding of isaac afterbirth+,tf2,pvz,minecraft

  4. You forgot one more thing about Fallout 4 there is mods for it.

  5. is league of legends one of the most played games in this earth where 72 million players are always online?
    League of Legends is better than civil 6

  6. Idk wtf was thinking about putting No Man's Sky in this top 10…. like wtf

  7. What a SHIT list. Most addictive whahahaha, more like a popularity contest. Not even factorio in the list, I agree with civilization though, way to many times I looked at my clock and noticed it was already morning.

  8. I played some of these games and didn't finish them now I know how good they are I'll finish them thanks

  9. I she stupid there's 3 games no one can stop playing daying light and scum or rust

  10. Does she have to have annoying voice to go with the horrible video.

  11. So at #1 OSRS a train wreck of nostalgia and xp wasted. GG

  12. tetris? ah, yes
    all the cool kids are playing tetris!

  13. Minecraft is straight up trash for ppl who started gaming in early 2000s. it's not even a game.

  14. Bruh there is no Skyrim,Withcer 3 or WoW?


  16. will i get arrested for play gta v as a 10 year old

  17. I’m sure a 20 year old white girl made this video… tEtRis… Jesus Christ did you even try?!!

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