Top 10 Most Difficult Video Games [ As Of 2018 ] -

Top 10 Most Difficult Video Games [ As Of 2018 ]

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There’s nothing more satisfying than beating a really difficult game… Even if the process can be extremely frustrating! For those of you who like a challenge, we have assembled a list of the hardest games to beat, together with the reasons why they’re so difficult!

What do you think of our list? Did you find your choice for the most challenging game ever on our top 10 list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Did we include the game you had the most difficulty beating on our list? Let us know in the comments!

  2. I just turned this video, i'm predicting Dark Souls

  3. dark souls isn't that hard when you know how to play it 😀

  4. very nice, but have you ever tried beating Icy Tower…


  6. I think this list misses RTS games. Of course most of these games (like for example starcraft) are pvp, so the difficulty of the game is based on your opponent's skill, but starcraft itself unlike ez games like league of legens is hard to learn and whats even better impossible to master. Even if you watch best players of starcraft in the world with average 600apm, they still miss a lot of things and there are alweys tons of things to improve. Theres no such thing as enough micro and all the battles can be done better.

  7. I was expecting i wanna be the boshy or atleast one of the i wanna be the, games

  8. A couple of game in this was not so hard than that.

  9. Devil may cry its not hard at all meat boy you just need some time a controller and thats all risk of rain its not hard maybe for newbie players but not for some experiece gamers and the rest yea we could say they are a bit hard but not hard enougf

  10. Where the heck is Ultimate Custom Night on this list???

  11. Dude…everyone seems to forget about geometry dash. If you were to test a humans capabilities, play that game. It has Creator levels…as well as online levels, which are also rated in difficulty. It took a guy 121K attps and ONE YEAR to beat ONE level. Look up: Geometry dash: Stereo madness (first level, easy) Then look up: Geometry dash: Bloodlust (Online level, third hardest level in the game) And you'll see why that game sould be here.

  12. The narrator is so gayden… Btw., troll games and mash-ups aren't games; plus, try to do some actual research before posting a top 10 list. Ever seen Gradius IV, for instance?

  13. Sekiro is much more difficult than the Souls Series.

  14. I thought geometry dash would be on here because the hardest levels

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